For One Gamer, Journey Made The Unbearable Bearable

Journey really is a unique video game, particularly in its ability to create emotional connections between complete strangers.

But it also has the potential to create stronger connections with the people closest to you.

That's essentially the focus of this video. It's a story about a daughter in the process of losing her Father to cancer, and the ways in which Journey helped both of them find peace with that scenario. It's an internal, Sony-made documentary, but it's hard to remain cynical about how powerful this video really is.

Also — it's Journey.

As most who played Journey would agree, it's a game that inspires stories. It's powerful like that. I loved this video.


    Wow. If you didn't tear up at that just a little bit, I don't wanna know ya. Journey really is that profound. I hope Sophia goes far with her game design dreams.

    Kind of disappointed this had nothing to do with a bear tbh

    Gee, Journey has been on my to-play list since it was released on PS3.... I've just never found time to get around to playing it.
    I really need to!

      Do it!
      It's on sale now at $20 if you have a PS4

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