Harvard University’s Heroes Of The Storm Team Disqualified For Sharing Accounts

Harvard University’s Heroes Of The Storm Team Disqualified For Sharing Accounts

Scandal has struck Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm college competition, with the team representing Harvard University disqualified after an investigation.

Image: Heroes Americas tournament

Blizzard posted that one of the players on Team Ambush, the team representing the Ivy League institution, had been sharing his Battle.net account with a “higher-rated player who was not on his team’s roster during official tournament matches”. As a result of this discovery, the organisers and Blizzard have opted to disqualify the team from the competition entirely.

The students and players sharing the accounts have also been “banned indefinitely” from playing in any of the collegiate tournaments run by TeSPA, the organisers behind the Heroes of the Dorm tournament and TeSPA Collegiate Series.

Blizzard added that they would be “taking disciplinary actions against the Battle.net accounts involved,” although they did not outline what those measures would entail. Michigan University’s Team Hot Boys were also found to have been engaging in similar behaviour to Team Ambush, and Blizzard noted that “the players involved will face similar disciplinary action”.

Harvard’s representatives made it a lot further than Team Hot Boys though: they qualified for the top 16, to the surprise of many. “What few expected however, was that their opponents from Harvard University would be such a capable threat. Not only did Harvard topple both Berkeley and Indiana-Purdue, they did so handily with a 2-0 result each time,” Blizzard wrote in a recap of results from the round of 64 to round of 16.

The final four teams will battle it out on April 9 and 10, with the event to be broadcast on ESPN3. It’ll be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch as well. If you’re interested, all the details are here along with the schedule and matchups for games from the round of 16 onwards.

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    • It’s a Blizzard game, with cross-promotions between all their other games.

      Honestly, I prefer Dota 2 by far, but the objective-based gameplay makes for a nice change now and then.

      • Weirdly dota 2 have objective too but pubs doesn’t give a shit and just go hero chasing entire game. The difference between high skill play and pub scrub games.

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