Hello, Here Is 25 Minutes Of Unedited Dark Souls III Footage

As you may have noticed, there's a whole lot of new Dark Souls coverage out there.

But what if you don't care what other people think. What if you just want to watch some goddamn gameplay footage. Where's your parade?

Um, this is your parade.

PC Gamer has done you all a solid and uploaded a clean 25 minute section of unedited Dark Souls III footage. Might as well watch it.


    Mmmmm grey. There might even be 50 shades of.
    This is the only game I'm excited for so far this year.

    A warning for people who want to get the story fresh, the video starts off with the actual opening cutscene that has a bit of exposition. Warning was provided by someone on reddit; I haven't actually viewed the video as I want to avoid spoilers.

    Maybe I'm alone here but I never watch pre release video game footage of titles I'm excited by. Why ruin the experience? It's right up there with using guides on a first play through. The "gimme now" generation.

      I'm with you there, I'll watch trailers but I can't see why you'd watch someone play through the game before you do.. it would ruin the experience for me.

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