Hello, Here's The Dark Souls 3 Japanese Launch Trailer

I could try and spin this into something witty, but Dark Souls fans don't want witty.

You want Dark Souls 3. You want footage. Here you go.

The Japanese launch trailer for the game was published live earlier today. I'm told that it's also pretty full of spoilers, in terms of some of the bosses, so you might want to watch out for that.

Or you might not care because it's a Souls game and it's going to be dark and gritty and atmospheric and nightmarish all the same. So let's watch.

That scene with the blood: oh my. And that final boss, good lord.

There's enough cinematic moments in here that I'm even reconsidering my long-held apathy with the series. I've played a couple of hours of Scholar of the First Sin and about 25 hours of Bloodborne, before I moved onto something else. Question is: should I dive into Dark Souls 3 fully? Is this the game to convert me?


    Being an avid souls fan I feel the series is kind of meh now.

      I disagree completely but I've heard a portion of the community feels that way. What makes the series "meh" now? Even though it was the game that hooked me in ds2 is meh, I can't see how the same applies to des ds1 or bb. They feel timeless to me and many others hence the cult following.

        I just feel as though they are taking an assassins creed approach now and just trying to monopolize on it, as in releasing new games almost yearly instead of focusing on content and game mechanics. I loved the hell out of demons souls and dark souls, only because they were vastly different to anything that had been released but now there are like 4 games like it now so it kind of takes away from the newness and wonder.

          If bloodborne was never relaesed your opinion would be different - DS3 will a masterpiece just as BB and DS1 and DS - to compare it to ass creed is ridiculous - sure theres a bit of formula to the series but thats the beauty ! Im not sure if you have seen the new game mechanics and the depth of content. The story and community share the experience ! Nowhere near "Meh"

            Not true at all. I loved Bloodborne, I loved how they moved combat in a direction away from the sword and board approach. and there is mechanics in darks souls 3 which look interesting but like I said it is hard to say it will be innovative when its only taking from its past releases. That is how I feel, and to add to this I just don't understand why they can't just take the time to make a "complete game" instead of releasing small expansions down the track. To contradict myself the more I watch the game play the more I am excited to play this title.

          I think Miyazaki has said before that this will be the last Souls game, FromSoftware will be starting on something totally new now that this is about to be released, and that excites me, but it will be sad to see the Souls "formula" continue in games that are not actual souls games, like Lords of the Fallen.

            I hope they just take some time off (although some more bloodborne dlc would be perfect) however isnt it unclear what miyazaki meant? It sounds like it could be the end of the series but he's also been quoted as saying "itll be a turning point for the series" which sounds promising. Miyazaki wanting to move on to something new makes sense but at the same time break a lot of hearts

          I thought you might have something of value to say no offense but that sounds like some horse shit youtube comment you've copied. Since 2008 we've had 4 games, roughly every 2 years we get a new one. These games are refreshing and genre defining unintentionally creating this "souls like" banner. I think they've focused more than most studios on delivering the right amount of content backed with new ideas, concepts and tweaks. Of all the series to call "meh" you picked the worst one to pick on for sure.

            No offense taken, don't get me wrong I will play the hell out of this title like all the other titles before it. I guess I phrased my words wrong, I just wished they stuck to releasing the "complete game" instead of the initial game then all the different expacs. That side of things is just getting tiresome.

              True, that's something I agree with although I love their dlc I always think what it would be like at release with that content. It sucks knowing they've planned dlc for ds3 but if the game is as fleshed out as ds1 or even bb I won't complain, I love these games so much that I look forward to multiple release nights. Im not an expert but I feel like the studio actually puts a lot of effort in without seeing the huge returns other studios might get from their AAA games

                The thing that they have going for them is the fact they were upfront about the DLC. I also agree that the DLC they do release is great so I guess I have no valid argument lol except I must be getting old and cranky :P.

                  I dont think we'll see another souls game after this one for years, maybe never. Miyazaki is now president of fromsoft which takes pressure off him to continue the series, he's more likely to put it on hold or end it as to avoid burning people out

    *jumps on new footage with gusto*

    Thank you Alex. You know exactly what we want.

    Im sure this is going to sound petty and awful (and I don't intend to be), but I couldnt help but notice in several scenes that there were no shadows at all? Some (awesome looking) beastie, but didn't cast a shadow, looked like a mod from the 90's for Half-Life... and once I saw that it was all over, great lighting effects but no shadows... isn't that essentially just a tickbox on current gen development software?

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    I dont think anything about ds3 will convert somebody who has already tried to get into the series but I feel like with any of the games there is a potential click moment if you look/feel for it. For me it was watching lore videos and realizing it wasnt all just obtuse garbage for the sake of it. I think ds1 or bloodborne are probably the best games to get into, ds2 is dull and demon souls is the most confusing.

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