Here's A Great Recap About The History Of Arcade Sticks In One Video

It's a question often asked by beginners when considering taking fighting games more seriously: should they buy an arcade stick, or rely on the stock standard gamepad?

The reality is, you're often best off playing with the controller you're more comfortable with. But that's a little too easy. So to play along a little, let's look at what controllers were used by the best fighting game players of all time: EVO champions.

Photo: Giuseppe Cammino, Shutterstock

That's the proposition that Core-A Gaming started their latest video with. What controllers have past EVO players used and why? The last part of the question is more fascinating than you might expect though, as a proper answer requires turning back the clock to look at the construction of arcade sticks in different territories, what parts were made available where, and how that changed over time.

It's also interesting to see the different attitudes across regions to different controllers.

Props to Core-A here: it's an excellent window into a part of fighting games that's interesting whether you like fighting games or not. And it's also an opportunity to show off a fighting game stick made out of wood that also has a great drinks holder. It's at 34 seconds and looks sensational. I wonder how much it would cost to get one of those in my life?


    I wanna see someone using a... I don't know what to call them other than "Australian" stick. It's not the Japanese lollypop style one, nor the American baseball bat type one. Kind of halfway between, the weird kinda mushy-feeling type I remember seeing on arcade units when I was a kid. But can't seem to find any examples of via google :P

      @ Gooky - MCA Joysticks

        You are a gentleman and a scholar.

          You're welcome

          However I worked 9 years in an amusement centre. I really lived and breathed arcade games and the industry. I would have been disappointed in myself if this wasn't what you were thinking of!

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