Here's A Time Lapse Of A Street Fighter Mural Being Built In Sydney

It's always cool when people use game launches as an opportunity to do something neat in real life. Street Fighter 5, for instance, gave plenty of people — especially JB Hi-Fi staff — a chance to bust out their pencils and paintboxes.

But this is another step up altogether.

It's a mural from Apparition Media, a Victorian outdoor advertising agency. They were brought on board to do something cool for SF5, so they took an empty wall and decided to jazz it up with a few classic characters.

The mural itself is located in Sydney's Foveaux Street. There's a really nice bar just up the road from there — Tokyo Bird — if you want to visit the mural and then get dinner. For those not aware from Sydney, the street is only a few minutes walk from Central Station.

I'm also reminded of the mural that Riot is trying to get going for League of Legends in an Australian city. Part of the process there involves talking to the council about how long the mural can stay up for.

According to the local PR for SF5, the mural took four days to complete and will stay up until at least the end of March. If nobody else books the space, however, that could be longer. What murals for video games would you like to see go up in your town or city?


    Now really, not using Guile's theme for the video?

    Joke about it has more content than the game and works. You complete the joke. I'm tired and hungry.

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