Here Is Oculus Rift’s Full Launch Lineup

Here Is Oculus Rift’s Full Launch Lineup

Oculus Rift comes out March 28, and with it comes a slate of VR-friendly games both new and old including Elite Dangerous, Adrift, and Lucky’s Tale.

Via Oculus, here’s the full list of titles, which the company says will range in price from $US5 ($7) to $US60 ($80).

Here's Oculus Rift's Full Launch Lineup

And a sizzle reel:

Exciting times for VR fans. We’ll have more on the Oculus — including a full hardware review! — closer to launch.


  • Elite Dangerous and EVE Valkyrie… those alone will be worth the entry price.. Project Cars too.

    I can see the Rift/Vive as being my partner for driving games (imagine the Truck Sim series too!!). Not sure how I’d feel playing a first-person game in it.

    Either way, releases 2 days before my birthday so I think I know what I’ll be asking my wife for 😀

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