Here’s What Arseface Looks Like On AMC’s Preacher

Here’s What Arseface Looks Like On AMC’s Preacher

One of the more anticipated main characters of AMC’s upcoming show Preacher is Arseface, the son of an abusive sheriff who had survived a suicide attempt, resulting in his horrific appearance. Now, Seth Rogan has shared what the character looks like on Twitter. Seth Rogan released the picture on Twitter in advance of the release of the first trailer from the show last weekend at WonderCon. Take a look:

Here’s What Arseface Looks Like On AMC’s Preacher

Preacher will debut on AMC on May 22 at 10/9c.


  • Not bad. Such a funny arse character. When Jesse and Cassidy stick a bag over his head and send him to a hooker it’s the funniest shit in comics lol

  • wow, there’s a lot of complaints on Twitter.
    I can understand why they didn’t go the whole hog though, it’d be impossible to get any expression under 20mm of latex.

    • Precisely. His mouth is still entirely messed up, you’ll get expression and emotion, it works really well imho. Plus Joe Gilgun as Cassidy omg, such utter perfection in casting. When I saw him last year in Misfits for the first time when I blitzed watching that show, then heard about Preacher, I actually said I hoped they’d get him and bingo! So happy!!!

      • I haven’t seen Misfits yet (it’s on my list), but he was good in “This is England” and it’s series.

        • Yeah he was brilliant on This is England, Gilguns pure quality. I predict post-Preacher his career in America will soar, he’s a quality act.

      • can you tell me whether its worth sticking with misfits after season 2
        i kinda lost interest after they all ended up swapping powers and Robert Sheehan left

        • S2 and s3 were ok but never as good as 1. S4 was only worth watching up until Curtis leaves :'(

  • Decent job. The fan makeup that showed a while back was too over the top imho. This straddles that fine line of ‘appealing’ and ‘fucked up’. First reviews of Preacher are all unanimously saying they’ve knocked it out of the park, I SO can’t wait!!!!

  • Arseface, the son of an abusive sheriff who had survived a suicide attempt, resulting in his horrific appearance.

    Or he had one too many sour lemon lollies, :-P.

    • He and Evan Goldberg have apparently been the driving force behind this getting made at all, and they’ve been trying to get it done for some time, so your disdain is uncalled for.

      • i know he’s been trying for awhile. but he has never made anything good in his entire life so it hinders my enthusiasm for a preacher project with him involved.

  • Full disclosure, I read Preacher but wouldn’t call myself a fan. That said, I always hated this character because 1) his character design is ridiculous, and 2) apart from his origin story, his whole tragic life is played for laughs.

    Seriously, we’re supposed to believe that in this day and age that’s the best they can do to reconstruct his face? I’ve seen photos of disfigured WW1 vets who got better plastic surgery than this.

    • Well the comics weren’t really set now. They’re were done 20 years ago and even then I thought they were set a few years in the past (like mid 80s). But maybe that’s just how I interpreted it. Even in the last 20 years medical improvements have been pretty massive, if it’s 30 years then even moreso.

      Anyway, I didn’t think Ennis was commenting about Arseface’s character so much as society as a whole. It wasn’t how AF acted or viewed himself, it was about how everyone reacted to him and how it was possible for the most ridiculous rubbish to be *made* popular regardless of whether it was actually any good.

    • haven’t read it but im pretty sure there was a guy in the 80’s that tried to kill himself and ended up looking a lot like it. pretty sure he made a pact with a mate but he survived.

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