Hey Look, There's Another Team Hero Brawler On The Market

Good afternoon! How are you? Did you sleep well? Have you had your daily dose of caffeine? Nope? Me either.

But it doesn't matter. There's another team-based hero brawler on the market! Because, you know, there wasn't enough of them already.

It's a shame news about this game is coming out now, because it genuinely feels like the market is getting a little too saturated. There's Battleborn. Someone's still working on Battlecry somewhere. Overwatch is due out soon. Paragon's going into an early alpha next week. Paladins had a closed beta late last year.

And now we can add Battlerite to the list.

So, you might be asking: why care about Battlerite at all? The main drawcard here is the fact that it's being designed by the former Bloodline Champions developers, who picked up on the MOBA/hero brawler wave well before anyone else. It didn't take off in quite the way they hoped, so it'll be interesting to see how that experience influences their second crack at the genre.

The developers are accepting signups for a closed beta now through the website, but no information is available as to when that might launch, when the final game will be released, how many champions will be playable, the amount of maps, or much else.


    Could be the pessimist in me but your second paragraph could apply to practically anything. First person shooters, clickr games, piece of crap RPG Maker titles on Steam..........

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