Hey, There’s A New Frozen Synapse!

Hey, There’s A New Frozen Synapse!

2011’s Frozen Synapse was a very good turn-based tactics game, one of the pioneers of the genre’s current Golden Age. Now we’re getting a very big sequel.

While it’s retaining the core point of the original — you plan our moves in advance then watch them resolve in real-time — everything else about Frozen Synapse 2 sounds way more ambitious. It’s an open-world game now, for example, with the entire map procedurally-generated instead of just the individual missions.

There’s also a strategic side to things, as there are a number of factions you can do jobs for and develop relations with. New AI alert systems mean you can also adopt stealth as a tactic to get around guards.

A beta for the game is due sometime later this year.


  • I hope you can tone down the brightness/luminosity of the people, they are so bright that it’s actually hard for me to tell what they are doing.

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