If One Punch Man Was In Bloodborne...

I want to give you a little bit of context here. For me personally, the Shadows Of Yharnam boss fight was easily the most difficult. I must have died like 50 times. There's three of them, which makes things super tricky to manage.

Unless you're this player. In which case you just take all of them out with one punch.

One. Punch.

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Dargonsouls, the player behind this ungodly creature fully admitted he's overlevelled, but this is incredible. He's trying to work out how many bosses he can take out in one hit. So far he's taken out the Witches, the Cleric Beast, Paarl and — obviously — the Shadows of Yharnam.

You can check out his statistic here if you're curious.



    That is fantastic.

    I am hypnotised. I could watch it all day. Screw you, work!

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    Did anybody else experience game-breaking slowdown for those three? I could not believe it, every time I got through the fog, it went unplayable for me.

    But yeah, this is like a salve.

      Nah I never had that issue. Weird.

      I did have the issue where I kept dying over and over again. Anyone else?

        I killed them on my first go by myself all three times i played through

    I don't mean to brag (yes I do) but I did this boss first try. As long as you take care of the mage first the others are no challenge.

    But man, that area to get up to them is a nightmare.

      I found that snake area to be a cake walk, it wasnt till after i finished that i heard alot of people hated it. I had a skill build with the threaded cane at that point and the whip form was perfect length to keep the little snakes away and at max range it left me just out of the big snakes melee hit box but still caused them to try melee me instead of spit

    I actually had an easy time with the trio. Got them second time. I line of sighted the mage with the pillar, then dealt with the sword guy because he's so aggressive - super easy to visceral. Then flamethrower dude, then mage.

    Best thing about Bloodborne - every person you talk to has different experiences with bosses. Some I had endless trouble with, others steamrolled first try.

    Beautiful, but the video didn't need anything after the boss kill.

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