It’s Friggin’ Hard To Beat Undertale’s Final Boss In Minecraft

It’s Friggin’ Hard To Beat Undertale’s Final Boss In Minecraft

Hey, have you finished Undertale? If you haven’t, there’s massive spoilers within. But if you have, get ready for an extremely cool Minecraft build: a playable version of Undertale’s final boss fight.

Created by redditor TheAfroOfDoom and submitted to r/undertale, the project is basically Undertale’s Photoshop Flowey fight, complete with the original visuals, sound, and music, but adapted for first-person Minecraft gameplay. It apparently took two months to finish, and is powered by 8000+ Command Blocks.

The map starts out in a much-altered MTT Resort, where you can read the credits and some instructions/tips for the upcoming fight. There’s also a couple easter eggs to find here.

As soon as you press the new game button, just like in Undertale, you decide whether you kill or spare Asgore, played here by a Minecraft sheep:

And then, you’re switching between Flowey himself and the six stolen souls on separate stages, dealing with some familiar bullet hell gameplay.

That is, until you get to the second soul’s section.

As you can tell, I really suck at Minecraft platforming. Luckily for me you can retry as many times as you want.

I won’t spoil the rest of the stages, but there’s some pretty good gameplay variety, so you should definitely take a closer look. The r/undertale post has the download links, and here’s a video walkthrough (albeit of an earlier version of the map):

Many thanks to Seijo Vangelta for the tip!

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