Japan Looks To Relax Rules For Foreign Animators

Japan Looks To Relax Rules For Foreign Animators
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Do you dream of making anime in Japan? The country’s government is working to make that more of a possibility by hopefully easing up on rules and regulations for foreign animators.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review (via Mulboyne), the Japanese government has created a bill, which also includes designers and cosmetic professionals, that will be presented at the Council on National Strategic Special Zones, which is chaired by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The goal is, then, to pass the bill during the current Diet session.

Nikkei explains:

Under the current law, foreigners are given different visa status according to their profession, and there have so far been strict restrictions on foreigners working in certain sectors, such as fashion, animation and cooking.

As a result, a number of foreign graduates of Japanese vocational schools have had to leave the country due to visa denials, even though they received job offers from domestic companies.

The new proposed legislation aims to help eliminate this. Now, whether the anime industry will ease up on its own problems, that remains to be seen.

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  • Maybe they should relax rules for foreign directors and producers. Japanese live action is trash.

    • Do you realise that one of the most revered and influential directors in the history of cinema is Japanese?

        • I know. It’s just that the blanket generalisation is too wide. Besides, can you tell me you actually have seen any arthouse Japanese film as of late to derive your conclusion, or was it gleaned from the trashy Sentai and Kaiju B-films that make up the thick of what most westerners know about modern Japanese cinema?

          • The last japanese live action movie I enjoyed was versus. And i guess vampire girl vs frankenstein girl but I enjoyed that for the same reason someone enjoys the toxic avenger movies. I would hardly call it good. The new attack on titan movie managed tonot only be badly directed with sub par cg but completley missed the point of the source material.

          • All those are trashy pop-culture films. Entertaining but shallow. It’s basically like saying that Western film-makers suck after watching Sharknado, Transformers and some Adam Sandler rom-com. If you live in Melbourne, there’s a Japanese film festival usually around June. They show plenty of great, deep and thought-provoking movies. And also some of the more obscure entertaining trash.

          • To be fair I also hated transformers and sharknado. I love so bad they’re funny films like dead snow 2. citizen toxie and sergeant kabukiman NYPD but sharknado surpassed so bad its funny into so bad its bad territory. https://youtu.be/VV5JSpDbAwo

    • To be fair, the wests record on live action isn’t exactly that great either. (Better now with Marvel films, but a drop in the ocean really)

      I have yet to see anything that even comes close to being as bad as Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter etc.

      • 1stly van dam street fighter was awesome, tho I havent seen it since the early 90s when i wasnt even 10 yet. When it comes to acting technique, special effects and directing nothing ive seen the last decade is even up to the standard of american tv shows let alone movies. Their movies still have that heavy cheese factor I expect from old school sci fi like TNG. This isn’t me just hating on foregn language movies. My fave movie of the 2000s was the taiwanese movie tom yum goong.

  • Of course, you’ll be paid a pittance, and you have to live in the most squalid of guest houses and eat nothing but instant ramen, but hey, you’re living the dream, right?

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