Japan's Making A Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie All Of A Sudden

Japan's Making a Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie All of a Sudden

The story of Edward and Alphonse Elric begins yet again. Fumihiko Sori will direct the film (he did the 2012 Dragon Age anime movie, based on the video games) for a 2017 release; Ryosuke Yamada, member of the J-pop/idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will star as Ed. This isn't unwelcome news, but it is unexpected. Both the manga series and the second anime series ended in 2010, so it's kind of weird that they have decided to make a live-action adaptation now. But, again, it's not unwelcome.

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    Ryosuke Yamada? I thought Ed and Al, and most Fullmetal characters, were white...

      The Elric brothers would be white, in fact most of the people from the Amestris would be white european (it is after all based on the Edwardian England and British imperialism). Anyone from Ishbal would be middle eastern or North African, then there's the whole group of eastern alchemists from Xing who would be asian.

      The composition and history of the FMA world borrows heavily from various historic elements of our own.

      But its a Japanese film and there are budget constraints (on top of the fact Japanese people generally don't care if a character's nationality is correct as long as its Japanese)

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        I always thought the Ishbal could be played by middle eastern or native American decent as well.

        Huh, I always thought Amestris was based on pre-WW1 Germany, what with the border dispute/expansionism and clashing with Prussia/Russia/Drachma.

          hmm, the link to germany makes more sense, I guess...the original FMA series actual had (Spoiler alert for a decade old series...) )Elric travel to Germany in the midst of WW1...and the head of state is named Fuhrer..

    Can't wait for live action Nina Tucker!!


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