Kogan’s Ebay Store Is Having Another Massive Sale, Again

Kogan’s Ebay Store Is Having Another Massive Sale, Again

The Australian online retailer recently participated in an Ebay-wide electronics sale earlier this month, and there were some good deals on hardware.

But the retailer has decided to extend that 20% offering across its entire Ebay store, opening the door to some nice deals over the next few days.

The same rules apply with this discount as all the others. The checkout code you need is CKOGAN20, and the maximum discount per transaction is $500. You can have up to three transactions total until the deal runs out on March 26, meaning you have around four days until the discount runs out.

Let’s run through this one section at a time, using the same names Kogan does for its departments so nobody gets confused. And remember: the 20% discount applies to your entire cart, while prices below are how much each item is individually with the 20% discount.

Computers & Networking

MSI Radeon R9 380 Gaming 4G Video Card ($294.40) MSI GeForce GTX 980TI Gaming 6G Video Card ($878.40) G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB [2x8GB] DDR4-2133 ($110) MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GD5T OC Video Card ($406.40)

Not everything here is a solid deal, and some of the offerings are the same as what was on sale a couple of weeks ago. But that GTX 970 and 980 Ti are pretty sweet offerings.


1TB Xbox One inc. Ori and the Blind Forest, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and Rare Replay ($348.19)

There’s not much stock left here and their other good console bundles are gone. If you’re after an Xbox One though, Rare Replay and Ori and the Blind Forest aren’t a bad pair of games to start with. (Gears of War is OK, but it’s the third wheel in this deal by a long margin.)

Apple Laptops

Apple 13″ MacBook Air MJVE2, 1.6GHz i5, 128GB ($1186.40) Apple 11″ MacBook Air MJVP2 1.6GHz i5, 256GB ($1282.39) Apple 11″ MacBook Air MJVM2 1.6GHz i5, 128GB ($1066.39) Apple 13″ MacBook Pro MF839 2.7GHz i5, 128GB ($1514.39)

I was looking at some MacBooks in stores the other day with my partner, so I’ve had Macs on the mind. These deals aren’t too shabby at all, but you can corroborate that for yourself by searching the specific models in StaticICE.

Windows Laptops

As was the case with the graphics cards, there’s a strong affiliation with MSI here. MSI GE62 6QF 15.6″ Apache Pro Gaming Notebook GE62 6QF-030AU ($1759.20) ASUS ROG 17.3″ FHD i7 1TB GTX 960M Gaming Notebook GL752VW-T4081T ($1607.16) Dell Inspiron 5558-5719SLV Notebook 15.6″ Touch Intel i7-5500U 8GB ($724.69)

There are a lot more offerings here, but those are a good start. You’re not saving a massive amount on the ASUS ROG laptop, but it’s cheaper than what Umart are selling it for right now (which is the cheapest deal at the time of writing).

You can find even more, from cameras to manchester to random peripherals, by browsing through the full Ebay store. Note that some of Kogan’s prices are badly inflated compared to the rest of the market even once the 20% discount is applied — so as always, if you see something you like, keep it in mind and shop around.


  • Thanks to some boffin at Apple deciding to cease my version of iTunes’ connectivity to the newer iDevices just because I use 2008 Macbook I’m definitely looking at upgrading. Surprised to hear there were no announcements overnight about new models though.

    Just Airs and Pros in the mean time now right?

    • If Apple told me I couldn’t use my devices unless I upgraded, I’d tell them to get stuffed and upgrade all the way to a Surface Pro.

      Seriously, there is no legitimate reason for that.

      • New iPhone 6S can’t connect to my itunes library for the initial handshake/sync so I can’t put the majority of my media on to it.

        This is part of the reason I dislike the way gamers want everything cloud based and digital. It goes hand in hand with planned obsolescence.

        • you sure you don’t have to update your itunes app on your mac?

          surely if you had a windows computer this would be the solution

          • You can’t upgrade iTunes past a certain point with an older version of Mac OS, and you can’t get the newer versions of Mac OS for older hardware. Happened to me too a few years back. There are third-party solutions, but it’s still rubbish that they don’t have even just a syncing tool – it’s surely not out of the ordinary for people to upgrade their phones while remaining on old computer hardware.

          • I am running the latest itunes on 2008 macbooks at home, with no issues, which exact model do you have?

            It is an 8 year old computer now, but it still runs everthing up to 10.10

          • This is ages ago now, but I think I had a 2008 (the last of the plastic MacBooks) MB as well.When I got an iPhone 5 I couldn’t sync it to whatever version of iTunes was running on the thing, and OSX wouldn’t let me update iTunes because of the age of the computer. Are you sure MBs that old are still supported by OSX?

      • Well Microsoft are restricting support of Windows going forwards to particular intel chipsets, it seems to be happening across the board, the OS vendors are only supporting the OS on computers going back a certain amount of time. Once all of the Operating Systems are 64bit only, then a bunch of old hardware will cease to be usable with later software.
        Having said that, my 2008 macbooks that the kids have are all running the latest itunes, and the latest Adobe CC which considering they are 8 years old, isn’t too bad.

    • Lol that’s pretty dicey conduct. Most retailers at least try to be sneaky. This is brazen

  • It is also worth noting that most of Kogan’s products are purchased from Hong Kong and resold in Australia. There is a bit of an issue here when it comes to Australian Consumer Law coverage. I had a lot of issues working in Retail with Apple servicing and repairs for iOS devices as they register as being sold from Hong Kong not in Australia and therefore are not classed under the ACL.

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