LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

LEGO Dimensions is a glorious mashup of entertainment properties, from cartoons to comic books to movies. The final free-roaming Adventure World for the game is an equally glorious mashup of classic arcade games.

This past Tuesday saw the release of the next-to-last wave of LEGO Dimensions toys. We got Fun Packs (one character, one accessory) for the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Superman and Aquaman. Stay-Puft comes with a hellhound that's probably the most fun I've had building an accessory for the game, while Superman and Aquaman are packed with a flying vehicle and a submarine respectively, which seems like a couple of weird choices.

LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

Neat figures, but the release of the Midway Arcade Level Pack (one character, two accessories and a game level) is a real milestone. It's the last scheduled playable level for the game, and it unlocks the final free-roaming Adventure World in the game's AW hub.

LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

As you can see in the video above, the Adventure World is a shining monument to classic arcade games. There's an explorable Gauntlet Maze, a 720 skate park, a Joust Cave, Robotron playfield and so much more. There are also 22 perfectly-emulated arcade classics to unlock, generally by using the Midway Arcade Level Pack's Defender Arcade cabinet in the arcade docks scattered throughout the various in-game worlds.

LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

So not only does the Midway Arcade Level Pack give players fresh content to explore, it gives them new reasons to revisit older content as well. It's a rather amazing note to end on.

There's still another wave of figures coming in May, including Ninjago's Lloyd, Batman foe Bane and Slimer from Ghostbusters, but those are afterthoughts. As of last week LEGO Dimensions' first big journey is at an end. I can't wait to see how Warner Bros. follows up.


    I am a massive Lego fan, but won't be buying into this BS.

    Still waiting for the Portal set to drop in price. I don't have the game, but I'd love the minifigs.

      I'm waiting for ALL the sets to drop in price. Damn main game is still anywhere from $140 to $180

    I mean, I've collected the skylanders games (We've stopped, we said once it reached Karting it was done... and whattaya know...) and we've collected Disney Infinity, and those sure, had figures that cost, but this one, wow, it's in a ballpark all its own. I don't care if it's got Lego that comes with it it's just *so* overpriced...

    People complaining about the cost of this need to learn how to shop around or get shops to price match. I have never paid full price for any of it. Every wave that came out, Target had the lowest prices, $119 for the main game, $38 for level packs. It's a little expensive I guess, but I thinks it's worth it, the games amazing.

      Even the sale prices are high, I picked up Infinity when it got to $50 (they always drop to half price at the end of the year) and just slowly collected the figures 1 by 1 at $14 from K-Mart/Target.

      That's the thing about the Lego one, even cheap it's more expensive than Skylanders/Infinity are normally. Although apparently we do get it cheaper than anywhere else in the world. My Friend has a nephew in England, it's cheaper to buy and ship all the sets here than it is to get them there. And if you look online you'll see Skylander and Infinity figures are cheaper here too.

    ...the Arcade Cabinets are fun to unlock, but you only really need Aquaman for 4 Gold Bricks
    ( and will need Slimer in May for the last 3 Gold Bricks ) If someone you know gets Aquman, just borrow him for half an hour.

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