Magikarp’s Stage On The Pokémon Fighting Game Is Pure Fire

Magikarp’s Stage On The Pokémon Fighting Game Is Pure Fire

Magikarp isn’t a fighter in Pokkén Tournament, but damn if it’s not stealing the show anyway.

So, there’s a stage in the Pokémon fighting game called “Magikarp Festival”, which you can see below in GameXplain‘s video. You’ll note that the stage takes place on a fishing boat, and you can see Magikarp floppin’ about everywhere.

And, sure, that’s funny, but that detail is not why we are here. Did you note the stage’s theme song? It’s kind of the in the background, which is why I’ll direct your attention to this extended version of the song, uploaded by Crunchii [Music Extensions].

Holy shit. I don’t know about you, but this song gets me PUMPED UP. I’ve been listening to it all morning, amazed that the humble little Magikarp could have such a kickarse song devoted to it. Thanks to this song, Magikarp Festival is now one of my favourite stages in any fighting game ever.

Pokkén Tournament is out in Australia on March 19.


  • So hype! I’m not a fan of tekken, and I can’t muster much enthusiasm for pokemon, but everything about this game is pure awesome.

    I also really liked hyrule warriors for the same reason.

  • The level to me looks to be a remix of Bountiful Sea from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The music itself sounds awfully similar to that levels theme song “It’s Not a Tuna”.

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