Marvel's Rogue One Comic Is A Prequel To A Prequel

Marvel's Rogue One Comic Is a Prequel to a Prequel

The first time you see the heroes of Star Wars: Rogue One in action will no longer be when Rogue One hits theatres this December — it will be in a new prequel comic being released by Marvel, ahead of the film's release. Announced at a Diamond Comics pre-C2E2 event in Chicago, the three-issue Rogue One miniseries (and a one-shot standalone comic) will release in October, presumably as part of a big merchandising wave akin to the "Force Friday" extravaganza experienced for The Force Awakens late last year. Set before the events of the film, it will introduce audiences to the cast of Rogues before they go on their mission to secure the plans for the first Death Star.

No writer or art team were announced for the series, and no art was revealed either — so for now, we're all stuck looking at the same promo picture we've been looking at since August last year, and imagining what it might look like in comic-book form.



    Donnie Yen was a friggen Bothan?

      Bothans stole the plans to the Death Star II. No one has been credited in film canon for stealing the first Death Star's plans until now with Rogue One.

      So no. Donnie Yen was not a Bothan.

      Unless Bothans are meant to look like that now... in which case... oh.

        Obviously you didnt read the scroll at the beginning of Starwars IV new hope. During an attack where rebels Strike from a hidden base...the plans to the deathstar are stolen. Vader demands to know where the plans are...they were apparently 'transmitted' to the Tantive IV (the ship on which leia is captured).

          In fact I have read the opening crawl and nowhere does it mention who did the stealing, except that it was "rebels".

          "During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR..."

          Shortly thereafter it reads:

          "Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans..."

          Meaning the Tantive IV did nothing but transport the previously stolen plans, having received them via some sort of delivery (physical, digital, or otherwise). Thus, as I originally stated, no one has as yet been credited for the stealing of the Death Star Plans.

          Much to learn, you still have :)

        Film canon sure... but we all know Kyle Katarn got those plans.

          I want to up-vote this but seem to be unable, for some reason :(

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