MMA Fighter Pretends To Be Dhalsim, Nails It.

MMA Fighter Pretends To Be Dhalsim, Nails It.

If you’re a fan of MMA you understand the pageantry that is the weigh-in. Fighters dehydrate themselves, step on a scale, face-off angrily with their opponent and then frantically ingest a buttload of water and food before fighting 24 hours later.

And, every now and then, someone dresses up and does a pitch-perfect impersonation of Dhalsim.

Dhalsim aka @angieoverkill makes weight for #invictafc16 #streetfighter #capcom #yogaflame

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The outfit is good, but the Dhalsim victory celebration is what really sells it.

This is Angela Hill. She used to fight in the UFC’s Strawweight division but was recently cut (some believe unfairly) after losing two fights in a row to top flight competition.

#Dhalsim — I mean @angieoverkill in my studio today. #streetfighter #capcom

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She’s one of the many UFC fighters — alongside Quiton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson — who have taken up livestreaming as a way to pay the bills between fights.

Angela Hill plays a lot of video games and tends to stream anything from Broforce to Bloodborne. But mostly Bloodborne.

Her Twitter game is strong. I highly recommend following.


  • What? A black person pretending to be an Indian character?? No one up in arms about cultural sensitivity? I guess only whitewashing gets people in outrage these days…. Seems oddly like a double standard.

    • Seems every article that features even the smallest amount of diversity there’s always someone that starts complaining about problems that don’t exist. You people have become just as prolific and annoying as the SJWs you hate so much.

    • pretending to be Dhalsim (who happens to be Indian) is different from pretending to be Indian
      maybe? I dunno

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