Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Usually, we evaluate video games based on how they play, look, and make us feel. Today, we'll be critiquing them based on entirely different criteria.

See, we want to know exactly who made some of the biggest games of 2015 and 2016. And we want to know just how easy it is to find that information. So we spent the past few days experimenting with a wide swath of games, from big AAA RPGs to tiny indie gems, to see just how difficult it is to see their credits.

Then we gave them scores, of course.

Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

The Witcher 3

When you load up CD Projekt Red's stellar role-playing game, you can find the credits by going into "Options" on the main menu and then selecting "Credits." This is fine, although a word like "Options" doesn't exactly signal that you're about to see who made the game.



As far as I can tell, to see the credits on last month's indie darling you have to beat the game, which takes like 3-4 hours and is therefore way more difficult than it should be.


Diablo III

The credits for the third Diablo game require you to load up the game, select "More," and then select "Credits." Solid.


Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Again, Options->Credits. Probably the longest credits sequence we've seen to date.


The Witness

One of this year's best games hides its credits in a tricky, brilliant puzzle that most players will never solve. This is a cool easter egg, but also the most inaccessible credits sequence we've seen so far.


Arkham Knight

Batman's latest game lets you see the credits by going through the "Extras" menu, which is kinda cheeky. Seeing who made the game counts as an extra?


Halo 5

I looked pretty hard but couldn't find any way to see the credits in Halo 5's menu, which was pretty surprising. I guess you have to beat the game? Shame.


The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

Same boat here. As far as I can tell, you can only see the credits in Nintendo's latest Zelda game by finishing it, which will likely require you to work together with two other people.



No credits option until you beat the game, as far as I can tell. Knowing Bloodborne, there's a secret credits menu that you can only access by talking to one specific villager at the stroke of midnight, and nobody's found it yet.


Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Super Mario Maker

To find the credits for Super Mario Maker, you have to go through a series of nested menus and find the manual, which is kind of annoying. BUT they get extra points for calling their credits "Super Mario Maker Makers."



You have to beat the game to see the credits, and then you have to beat the game with the true ending to see the true credits.


Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Destiny: The Taken King

There's an option to watch the credits on the main Director — you know, the menu where you can select planets and missions? — but when you click on it, it tells you that the credits are actually on Bungie's website. Just like the story.


Madden NFL 16

You pretty much need an NFL playbook to find the credits in Madden. You have to go to Customise, then Extras, then Watch Credits. By the time you've finished, they will have released a new Madden.


Metal Gear Solid V

This is a weird one. There are partial credits before and after every mission, but those only comprise a fraction of the developers who created Metal Gear Solid V, which will be the final Metal Gear game helmed by Hideo Kojima. To see the full credits, you have to go back to mission 32 and beat the boss, which is kind of a pain. Konami!!!


Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Fallout 4

Open game. Select "Crew" on the main menu. That's it. Of all the games we tested, Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG is the only one to present its credits right up front, and for that we give it a much-deserved Kotaku 10. (Hopefully we help them get their Metacritic bonuses.)


Star Wars Battlefront

The developers at DICE snuck their credits into the "Settings" menu, which is also weird! Why are credits a setting? It feels like they just didn't have any place else to put it?


Modern Video Games, Reviewed Based On How Hard It Is To Find The Credits

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Menu -> Options -> Credits. Pew pew.


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

This co-op indie game makes it pretty easy to see who made it. Just go to "Help & Options" and then "Credits" for the full list.



    (Hopefully we help them get their Metacritic bonuses.)
    Why would you advocate this? Or am I missing the sarcastic overtures?

    Last edited 01/03/16 9:34 am

      It's sarcasm based on how Obsidian got dicked out of their "bonus" by two meta critic points.

    I get this is meant to be a dumb article...

    .. but dear god, this article is DUMB.

      Let's review Kotaku articles based on how dumb they are!

      This article: 9/10.

        I just don't get it.
        Why would anyone waste their time on something like this?
        Is this really what some people aspire to?
        Again, I get tongue-in-cheek. Hell, I take things less seriously than most people.
        But this? It just seems like the biggest waste of time and filler I have seen in a long while. I just can't understand why someone would write something like this.

        Maybe I'm getting too old.
        Maybe these damn kids need to get off my lawn.
        *shakes fist at cloud*

    Gotta agree, it seems like a bit of an odd article. If the idea was to look at how different devs\publishers credit the people who worked so hard on the game why not expand that into a complete article and use a few of these as references?

    I think you're touching on an actual issue in games development, but presenting it in this sort of jokey format belittles the problem. Games devs get very little individual credit, and without even proper awards or marks of respect for smaller or less marketable elements of a game (signposting, aesthetic design that goes beyond the polygon count, texture artists, character modelling, etc. etc.) it would be nice to see the credits more easily, but an article like this only mocks the issue.

    For those that are wondering, I get the feeling this article is meant to be more a troll of review scores and how useless they are rather than anything to do with the credits themselves. No doubt Jason will talk about it this week on Splitscreen, so I guess we'll find out one way or the other ;)

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    You have to cry first to be able to see the credits.


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