Morning, Here's Four Minutes Of No Man's Sky Gameplay Footage

Not much to say about this other that, holy hell I am really excited about this video game and exploring this universe.

This footage looks very much like the raw b-roll sent to everyone who played recently preview builds of No Man's Sky.

Look at this game though. Look at it.

The difference between worlds that are warm and pretty and worlds that are cold and horrible — I like that. You move more slowly and stuff. No Man's Sky just seems super interesting. I need this.


    If that's B roll footage, then the primary footage is gonna make me need new pants...

    I sincerely hope they include some sort of option in the full game to let you easily find your friends, otherwise it's gonna be *amazingly* lonely...

      There seem to be NPCs to interact with, so how about we downgrade it to just *mildly* lonely.

      The game may be able to show you where your friends are. Getting to them is another story. This game is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is.

        I'm eager as hell for it, but I still hope you can meet up with your friends eventually. I remember them saying it's entirely possible, that you may, it's just the universe is a huge place. It's got me intrigued more than games like Star Citizen (which has me hugely interested anyhow)...

          They allude to the centre of the universe as being somewhere you will want to meet your friends..
          I feel you'll discover tech that allows this.

            Actually they said this is not a multiplayer game. You might find the same planets as your friends or things that your friends named but you can not play with others. I think the quicker people accept this, the less disappointment there will be on release.

              Actually, it is a multiplayer game, and you can see and interact with other players. When they said it is not a multiplayer game, Hello Games was meaning in the sense that you aren't extremely likely to run into other players. Even if you do see another player in space, you often won't realise, as no marker will point out the difference between NPC and player. However, if you see a player on a planet, out of his or her ship, you will know it is a player, and you can kill them, or leave them be.

              That's right, they do say it's not multiplayer. They also say you can potentially run into another player. Probably won't, but you can. Look on the reddit or any of the interviews.

              On playing with others:

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                Personally, I accept that its multisolo, or whatever you want to call it, and thats fine by me. But I think they are missing an opportunity with the multiplayer potential of the game that will be addressed at some point.

                Mentally I keep coming back to a stargate type potential, to give a way to get around the rim of the galaxy. If its done right its not something that can easily be abused.

                Add in tougher planets you arent going to be taking on solo, and you suddenly have raid potential. Theres no reason it cant be done, and its a massive waste if it isnt. If they dont, so be it, but it'll fall short if it isnt there at some point.

                Just my thoughts, and I'll be getting it one way or another so moot to me anyway.

                Very happy to be proven wrong! Game just got even better!

    Although I appreciate Sean's voice on all No Man's Sky clips so far, it is nice to hear the ambience.

    I had a Lazerhawk/Powerglove/Dynatron type playlist for this game... no more.

    That is some pretty nice sound.

    Although I gotta wonder just what kind of life is actually surviving in -163ºC temperatures.

      Silicon lifeforms with glycerin for blood.

    Has anyone noticed how quickly this game is selling in other countries? I've read several posts about how the limited edition is hard to come by.

    Not in Australia. Either we don't care or we don't pre-order.

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      ... or we all read (and obey) Kotaku.

      I didn't even know it was getting a physical release that could sell out.

        Oh yes indeed. There's a tin ship that comes with the pc version, where PS4 gets a steel game case! WOOOOOOO. I like the ship and would buy it separately but a steelbook?

        PS4 get a comic and artbook etc, but the PC little ship comes with decals! Like Gunpla!

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          "Includes PC download code" *grits teeth*

          Oh neat, you can select between Steam and GOG. Still, kinda pricey though.

          God dammit I just started looking at other stuff on that site and goodbye wallet thanks a lot.

            VERY pricey. I try to stay away from temptation/8Bit ;)

    I'm really keen to learn more about this game. At the moment the devs just haven't given enough info for it to be a sale for me yet.

      There's an info repository

      I swear i'm not a pusher, i'm not Vanilla Ice!

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        Awesome, that covers a lot of questions. Thanks!

        Very neat link! One section mentions that there will be multiple galaxies. I hadn't heard that before. That's crazy! The galaxy which the game is in is big enough. But there's more than one you can visit?! If there was anything left of my mind, it would be blown.

          There could easily be enough stars and planets for quite a few. If we picture the game world as a cube just for simplicity there could be well over 2.6 million of them in each of the 3 directions.

    not really sure i understand the game.. just seems like a tech demo to me.
    travel and explore great. but is there a plot? is there a purpose? what is there to keep me entertained for longer than 1 hour

      From what I understand, there's no conventional plot. No particular purpose.

      There are things in the game which give you purpose. Alien artefacts to uncover. Lore to pursue. Machines to build. Resources to collect. Lifeforms to locate. Trade routes to travel. Pirates to fight. Civilisations to befriend or battle. And possibly more, though we probably won't know until the game is released.

      So basically, the game does not dictate your purpose. You discover it. This is so much more than a tech demo. It is an open-ended game. The game depends on what you want to do. As such, it's near impossible to demonstrate the game, because so much of it depends on the person playing it.

    I could not be MORE excited for a game, but i am curious about how fast you can move your character :/ ...this seems super slow, but I'm guessing it's just to show off the environment?

    This is one of those games where i think hype is over selling it. I want to be wrong, but im very cautious. Going to wait a few weeks after release to see what people say.

    Thanks for not mention me, Kotaku!

    Waiting for it in VR :)

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