NES Emulator Transforms Classic Games Into Awesome 3D Sprites 

NES Emulator Transforms Classic Games Into Awesome 3D Sprites 

Some of the most iconic NES games around have gotten a makeover — and you can experience it first-hand in your browser. If you’re running Firefox, that is. 3DNes Emulator is a curious experiment that transforms NES games into 3D landscapes. A beta was released yesterday, which you can play here, but if you’d like to watch it in action first, take a look below. It’s kind of bananas. This trailer features short demos of games such as Contra, Mega Man, Dr Mario and Zelda.

Here’s a Super Mario Bros.-specific one:

And if you want an even trippier experience, here’s 3D Mario in first person and third person. Woah.

While some games definitely look better in 3D than others, it’s still pretty cool to watch the sprite effects give new life to games we know and love.


  • Would be cool to see Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Double Dragon (2) or even Snake Rattle N Roll in there. It seems like it would be a cool little value add to have that sort of thing as a toggle on/off if you purchased one of these old games on the Nintendo virtual console.

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