Netflix’s Voltron Series Looks Awesome, And It’s Coming In June

Netflix’s Voltron Series Looks Awesome, And It’s Coming In June

Video: Netflix is bringing back Voltron, and they have just revealed the first glimpse of the cartoon, and it looks awesome. There’s not much in the :59 second trailer, but there’s roaring, assembling and all sorts of awesome packed in.

The trailer also gives us a firm release date: June 10.


  • Is this like the reboot they did a little while ago on TV or this another series/reboot not related to the last attempt they did the reboot it …

  • Coming to AU Netflix or get a little more cash by giving Foxtel first run? Pretty ready to close my Netflix account with their current DNS war. AU Netflix is ridiculously pathetic.

    • By the sounds of it, Netflix commissioned the series and owns distribution rights for it, which would probably make it one of their ‘Netflix Original’ series. The Netflix Originals are all available in every Netflix region, as far as I know.

      As an aside, holy shit the USA Today website is garbage. The main page is article thumbnails that open in an in-page modal instead of just navigating to an article page. Absolutely terrible UX design.

      • Some countries (e.g. New Zealand) have issues due to existing distribution agreements. It’s probably sorted for new content, but there’s always the possibility that they create more of these agreements for financial reasons.

        • That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware NZ got stiffed there. My impression was Netflix avoided making long-term contracts specifically to avoid situations like that, but it doesn’t appear to be the case there. I’d say you’re right though that new content is very unlikely to end up being restricted in that fashion, especially now that Netflix is officially available in most countries.

  • Yay Voltron!

    Wasn’t this also called Go-lion in the dub? I’ve never watched it, but i play a series of games which crossover Mecha series (SRW or Super Robot Taisen).

    Looks good to me =)

  • im a bit sad at the art style they went with on this. it reminds me too much of some really shit kiddy cartoons ive seen while channel flicking, and looks like a kick in the teeth to the original i grew up with and loved.

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