New Hearthstone Hero Requires A World Of Warcraft Character To Use

This week's shining example of Cross-Brand Synergy Optimisation comes via Blizzard, who announced yesterday that the new Hearthstone hero Liadrin will only be obtainable if you have a World of Warcraft character. Liadrin, who is a cosmetic upgrade and doesn't add new abilities to the popular digital card game, will be unlocked for anyone who gets a World of Warcraft character to level 20. You don't need a subscription — Blizzard says using the free Starter Edition works just fine — but you can't get the unlock retroactively, either. You have to have gotten to level 20 after March 11. Synergy!


    You sound sarcastic, Jason. It's free and purely cosmetic, and it only takes maybe an hour, hour and a half to get to 20. People complained the last set of heroes were paid for so they introduce one that isn't and people still complain. Can't win.

      The complaint isn't so much about it being free but the fact it requires a fairly large game to access that's only thematically related to HS. Blizz have always had retarded cross-play promotions like the vulture mount in HotS only being available to people who've invited 10 friends who reached level 10 on their HotS account which doesn't reward retroactively.

      While it's easy enough to level it still requires people to download and install a game they might not necessarily have anymore. A fairly large game.

        The Vulture wasn't a cross-game promotion (I assume that's what you meant, since cross-play means cross-platform multiplayer), it only involved one game. The actual cross-game promotions are excellent. They're all cosmetic, you're under no obligation to collect them if you don't want to and you lose no advantage by making that choice. It's also free, as is the starter edition of WoW. Plenty of people love them (myself included) and would love to see them appear more often.

        The complaints are trivial at best. It's purely cosmetic, it's the very definition of a luxury. Nobody needs it, it gives no advantage, it's available to far more people than a good quarter of the card backs have been and it costs less than the existing cosmetic heroes. You complete the requirements if you think the reward is worth the effort. If not, no big deal because it's just a sparkly picture and some voicework.

        I've been following the feedback on Hearthpwn, MMO-C and a few other websites, and most of the complaints are some of the most entitled bullshit I've seen since the Mass Effect 3 protest.

    It's very similar to unlocking the Hearthsteed in WoW by playing three games of Hearthstone so I don't see why it's such a big deal.

      There is no actual, legitimate problem with it.

      It's all "Because reasons!" from the entitled mob who think they deserve everything for nothing.

    I also don't see why it's much of a deal.
    The only (sortof) complaint I can see is size. A lot of Australia's have a download limit, and Hearthstone is a relatively tiny install, versus a far bigger download for Warcraft.
    Still if you have a friend who plays you could copy their WoW folder.

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