Nice New Controllers, Microsoft

Nice New Controllers, Microsoft

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with its special edition Xbox One controllers. The Elite is almost perfect, the Lunar White is gorgeous... and now there are these guys. They're called Dusk Shadow (the blue one) and Copper Shadow (the... copper one). They're regular controllers at a regular price, just with that nice gradient effect down the bottom.

Nice New Controllers, Microsoft

Looks like the thing where the colour indicators go inside the buttons instead of on top of them is now a thing going forward. I like it!


    lmao @ the expected price of $100

    Last edited 18/03/16 6:51 pm

      Where does it say that?

        It doesn't. They're $70 USD ($92 AUD), about the same as the $90 AUD RRP on any other Xbox One or PS4 wireless controller.

    add more backwards compatible games.
    less gimmick shit.

      Think that'd be a different department...

        Or, maybe it is just, like 5 guys, working on everything at microsoft. "Okay, so this week guys, we were going to start work on making some more 360 titles BC, but the big boss wants us instead to create some new colour schemes for our controllers. This is our top priority now, nothing else is to be worked on until we come up with at least 2 new colour schemes. Ricky! Stop working on that update for Windows10 and get over here! Let's start brain-storming guys!" XD

          Bloody Ricky. I bet it was his job to tell Steve Ballmer that "always online" was a shit idea too.

    Just looks like paint has worn out at the bottom of the controller.... haters gonna hate :/

    I've been waiting for a red one, but that copper one might have to do if I can find it cheap enough.

    Might grab one of these for my master racing machine

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