No Man's Sky Is Actually Coming Out Soon

No Man's Sky Is Actually Coming Out Soon

After what has felt like decades of hype, the colourful space shooter No Man's Sky finally has a release date: 21 June 2016. It will be out for PC and PS4 then, and for PlayStation it will even get a full retail release. (And yes, the game will cost $US60 [$83].) That info comes as part of a huge preview dump for No Man's Sky, which has been hyped endlessly since it came out of nowhere to steal the show at the 2013 VGAs. (You may have heard — it's big.) The folks behind the game held preview events in Los Angeles and the UK this week in order to get press playing, and the embargo went up this morning.

You can read hands-on impressions from Keza over at Kotaku UK (or here later today) if you want to hear more about what No Man's Sky has to offer. Did you know that it's really big?


    This will be the biggest disappointment of 2016.

      I really hope that's not the case, but I wont be surprised if it is.

      It was looking like a solid $20-30 downloadable title that people would talk about a lot for a week or two then move on from. Priced like a full game though, I think it'll flop.

        Yeah, that's a pretty ballsy move.
        I mean sure it looks great and took a lot of work but it's still a procedurally generated indie game with a lot of unanswered questions hanging around.
        $30us vs $60us is the difference between "sure, I'll give it a shot" and "maybe I'll wait for a sale."

        I'll still grab it cause its one of the increasingly short list of games that interest me. I just hope I'm not the only one.

      Yep, I agree. I've completely lost interest in this game - exactly why you shouldn't announce games so far out before launch. I have far too much other cool shit to play beyond something that looked like a nice oddity back when the tumbleweeds were blowing through my games library.

      I'd say it'll be the Minecraft of 2016. A core group will dig it and play it endlessly while everyone else will find it boring and ignore it.

        I think you might be underestimating the insane popularity of Minecraft...... Especially amongst people who are probably a bit younger than the average Kotaku reader. Minecraft has been out for years and still sells very strongly - not many games can boast that.

          Someone hadn't discovered the complexity of modded minecraft.

        So you think it's going to be one of the biggest indie game success stories in the history of gaming, with an absolutely enormous fan base with 10s of millions of players?
        I think you don't know how well Minecraft has done. There's a reason why MS paid as much as they did for a company that pretty much makes 1 game.

    I think for US$60, it is way too much considering there has been no new information released in months. I will definitely wait and see what the reviews make of it.

    This will be like a 3D Starbound, you'll get bored after the 50th planet.

    I'll still play it though, just after the price drops.

    Please have replay value please have replay value please please oh God please don't be like Minecraft without creativity.

      As far as I understand, there will be no "replaying" to begin with? More of an endless campaign with some key story points.

        By replay, I mean something to do that's more than just "I found a planet and did the things for a while and got bored", something to keep us actually playing.

          Ah, I get you. Well, al the details provided today seem like the game is going to be much more fleshed out than what the vague screenshoots and videos that we got in lieu of information for the past year suggested.

            Yeah I was reading a more in-depth article on Arstechnica thatthat gives me more hope than not. I really hope this game lives up to the hype.

    Got the email from GoG this morning about pre-orders for PC. Australian release is 22nd June

    "The game is scheduled to be released on June 21st in North America, June 22nd in Europe and Australia, and June 24th in the UK and Rest of World."

    Currently $68.99AUD.

    I'm glad it is a GoG thing with no DRM..

      Came to post that. $69 is quite a bit better than the $83 in the article... unless the dollar disparity finally drops in the next 6 months.

    $79.95 on PS Store, preorder is available.

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