Off Topic: Best Superhero Movie?

Hi friends. I would like you all to kill each other in the comments.

Let's talk about the best superhero movie and why it's the first Avengers movie.

Okay, maybe I'm remember it better than it was, I dunno.

I'm a little over superhero 'stuff' at the minute, but that doesn't mean I didn't like superhero movies at some point in my life.

Here are some of the ones I like...

— The Avengers — The Dark Knight — X2 — X-Men: First Class

Those are some of my favourites. What are yours?


    Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool.

      This but the other way around :P
      Deadpool was amazing in so many ways, and GoTG suprised the crap outta me with how good it was.
      But additionally the first Captain America movie had a few flaws but was surprisingly good.
      The rest have all been pretty terrible IMO, Avengers included.
      The only Saving grace form the last one was James Spader as Ultron casting him was the only choice.

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      yeah going to have to agree. in regards to the enjoyment i felt - and without looking at the movies with a critical eye. Deadpool and GotG followed by the first Avengers movie.

    Hudson Hawk!! could be swinging on a star!
    ok - technically not a superhero per se
    Or Boondock Saints - those guys are superheroes surely!

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      I never would have called Hudson Hawk a super-hero movie, but I do love it. If only for that ambulance chase sequence that ends under the bridge. I find it hilarious. It comes out of nowhere and I love it.

    I was never a Marvel movie fan but over the past month I've gone through and watched them all in order. I really enjoyed the Winter Soldier, it made me appreciate Captain America. Also thought Age of Ultron was descent, even enjoyed it over the first Avengers.

    Not that it's the best, but its a damn good one: Blade.

      Grossly overlooked these days. Blade was a great comic superhero movie in an era where the genre was considered dead.

      definately, who would of though that wesley snipes killing stephen dorf would be so awesome. its just a shame next movies were so terrible, its the same worry i kinda have for deadpool 2

        You seriously thought Blade 2 was terrible??? The Reapers? I mean 3 was excrement but 2?

          nope, 2 just didnt have the same feel as the first one did and couldnt get into it. despite having a larger budget, it really felt and looked like a B gade movie compared the first. The fights were also way better in the first movie as well

            I felt the opposite way, 1 was a good movie but when watched a few times kinda fell apart. 2 however had the Del Toro touch and was a solid as hell production with a great cast. The Reapers looked fantastic, the choreography, by edging closer to capoera was beautiful and Reedus was great as Scud :D

              Well we will just have to agree to disagree on this then

                Oooooooooooh! Do you even lift bro!!!

                lol but seriously at least both movies aren't as bad as Blade 3.... by god that was such a turd.

                Did you ever see the Blade tv series???

    Green Lantern
    Spiderman 3

      I assume the only reason the original Fantastic 4 movie from 1994 isn't at the top of your list is because it was never technically released on account of being too amazing.

        It blew my mind, no wonder I forgot to put it on my list!

      I'm disappointed you left off Howard the Duck.

        The man asked for some of our favourites, not all of our favourites!

          Fair point, theres so many to choose from after all. Toxic Avenger, Punisher: War Zone, Darkman, even Judge Dredd would have to be a consideration.

          It aint Pokemon, you cant list em all

            You forgot Steel...


    - Deadpool
    - Antman
    - Age of Ultron

    I'm hoping Civil War can shift Age of Ultron out of 3rd.

    Out of the MCU I'd rate them:

    Winter soldier > Avengers > Guardians of the Galaxy > Iron Man > Captain America: the First Avenger > Iron Man 2 > Avengers 2 > Thor > Iron Man 3 > Thor 2

    Out of the ones I haven't seen, I expect to eventually place Ant-Man between Iron Man 2 and Avengers 2 (possibly higher) and wholly expect Civil War to top the list.

    As for other Marvel properties that aren't part of the MCU: while I liked Spider-Man and X-Men at the time, I wouldn't rate them against the MCU with the exception of maybe X-2 which I'd put slightly above Thor. Deadpool I would put above the first Captain America movie. I haven't seen any of the more recent X-Men reboot movies or the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Fantastic 4 have been universally shit across the board so are barely worth mentioning.

    As for DC properties, they're really their own thing. I'm really not familiar with them at all. I've seen the old Reeve superman movies and none of the more recent ones. I liked the old Batman movies (even though Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are universally critically panned) and the new ones were decent. I think the consensus is Batman Begins > Dark Knight > Dark Knight Rises even though Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker elevated Dark Knight somewhat, just like TDKR was kind of shit but everyone loved Bane.

    that said, the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie? Kinda hype for it.

    Tl;dr: I think winter Soldier was awesome and hope Civil War surpasses it.

      I can get down with that list. Where do you put the Incredible Hulk? The Ed Norton version fits into the MCU as part pf Phase 1.

        Good point but I haven't seen any Hulk movies, ever, so unfortunately I kind of keep forgetting them. I heard they're not bad but I feel like I'd probably rate them pretty low. Still, even the movies at the bottom of my list I'd still consider pretty decent. Thor 2 might be at the bottom but I still enjoyed it.

    If by "best" you mean "filthiest", then clearly it is Deadpool.

    Age of Ultron
    Dark Knight
    Spider-Man 2
    X-Men 2
    Winter Soldier

    Big Hero 6 only because i want to be different from everyone else here.

    It's a close one between Deadpool and incredibles.

    * Spiderman
    * The Dark Knight
    * Iron Man

    I'd like to give a shoutout to The Matrix. The first movie blew everyones mind at the time, and while it was let down somewhat by the sequels, still holds up well as a superhero movie series.

    Guardians, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor 2, Winter Soldier.
    Deadpool was fun but I didn't board the hype train. I would enjoy a cross over with Wolvey though.

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    From what I have actually seen (I don't like to go to the movies, too many people)

    The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy split down the middle.

    My favourite ever though?? Spawn, saw it at age 11 at the movies, so good back then, and Michael Jai White kicks fucking ass!

      If you wait a few weeks and pick a suitable time slot you can usually find a time when the theatres have lots of room.

      I saw Deadpool the week after release at a 1pm Friday showing; the theatre was 90% empty.

      Anyway: Mystery Men.

        Thanks for the hint. Just socially anxious anyway but that does sound promising

        Mystery men kicks ass too, totally forgot about that, time for me to rewatch soon I think

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