Oh My God, Rocket League Is Turning Into Basketball

Could this game get any better?

So we're all used to Rocket League by now. There's a ball. There's a goal. There's some drivers on both teams that may or may not be helping in your pursuit of getting the ball in that goal. It's a cool game.

But what if you got rid of the goal ... and replaced it with a basketball hoop?

I can't even begin to describe how happy this makes me. There's a good chance that the idea makes me infinitely happier than actually playing Rocket Basketball League (which is now a thing, even though the developers are running with #RocketLeagueHoops).

The hoop will be fairly low down and quite wide, which should make it a fairly accessible in terms of scoring. Defending though ... well, that's going to be a fun challenge.


    Hmmmmm…. I kinda hope it doesn’t split the player base because I don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as fun or as satisfying as soccer. Plopping the ball into the net is never going to be as satisfying as blasting a shot from a distance.

    Having a goal that extends out form the wall will open up a lot of scoring opportunities though, from the looks of that arena you could score from a hard shot into the corner!

    Basketball sucks though. That’s a fact of science.

    Last edited 11/03/16 4:04 pm

      Depends. I doubt it'll make a huge difference to the player base, just providing more opportunities to play different fields. Same goes for their 'hockey' version - which is great and changes it up just enough, and is always easy to find a game.

    Will be a load of fun but I can see the turning out like the mutators and rocket labs playlists. Good for a change or when playing solo but when the team is on its back to ranked.

    Until people realize it's still football, just with a different shape/position goal.

      errm, except that it's not football....because the goal is a different shape/position.

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