Okay, This Ghostbusters Trailer Is Way Better

Since its announcement I've been super keen on the idea of a female Ghostbusters movie. Especially one made by the folks behind Bridesmaids.

Sadly, the first trailer was a bit bland.

Thankfully, this new trailer is way, way better.

First of all. It has jokes. Second of all, it's snappier, a bit more self-aware. This is basically a bit more like the Ghostbusters reboot I was hoping for.

My expectations have been raised by this trailer. That's a good thing. The movie comes out 14 July 2016. Can't wait.


    So can we expect an all male Charlie's Angels?

      No, because thats sexist.

        Yeah, just wait 'til four men ruin something that four women made great.

        Everyone will be like: “That’s the worst baked dinner ever made!”

      We can gender-swap Game Of Thrones, watch all the dainty males get raped by big strong females

    Really? I thought this was just as bad as the first. Jokes weren't funny and just seemed to be referring to the gender reversal (not sure why they'd do that).

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      Agreed, it's cut a little bit better but its 95% the same footage.

    "I don't know if it's a race thing or a lady thing, but either way, I'm mad as hell."

    RIP 2016

      That was the most cringeworthy line. Honestly, the trailer lacks the dry humor of the original.
      It just showcases the typical, wacky, cardboard cut out characters of so many recent comedies.

      well its not a fat thing because the crowd had no problem with melissa mccarthy

    I did not find that objectionable. I actually laughed a couple of times. Music sounds good. Ticks enough boxes to keep me interested, will wait for the final verdicts before going to watch it.

      The music was definitely the best thing in the trailer.

    Melissa McCarthy makes me want to invent time travel so I can go back and make her dad wear a condom

    Hearing Chris Hemsworth speak in Australian is weird.

      Its so forced too! Kinda the theme of this movie...

        Silly Ghostbusters, Star Wars was so three months ago.

      I found it interesting that they are letting him speak in his Australian accent.

        Some americans can barely understand the Australian accent, god knows why.

    It fixes it a bit, but I'm still concerned about this "reboot". Not because of the gender thing, rather because Hollywood doesn't do good comedy anymore.

    The jokes in the original Ghostbusters, (at least it seems to me through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia), were understated, dry and flowed naturally from the way the characters were developed and from the story. The story didn't feel contrived to create a build up to the jokes. It seems to be that every scene in a comedy made recently, just seems to a be a set up for the gag the scene was designed as a platform for.


      Nah the jokes are pretty good - the stone face delivery of that is golden.

    Just awful........Bad movie is just bad.

    Uhh, no it's not. This looks horrid. What's wrong with you?

    I'm cautiously optimistic, but will definitely wait for reviews to drop before parting with my $$$

    At least the changed the "Four scientists" to "Four friends" on the opening title.

      yeah totally, i logged in just to say that

    I actually thought this one was a bit worse. The tone of the humour and the jokes is so wrong for the movie, and while at least the first one had a little bit of a nostalgia vibe going, this one didn't feel like a Ghostbusters movie at all. It feels like the Scary Movie parody version of Ghostbusters.

    With Chris Hemsworth as "Sexist, Misogynistic, White CIS Male who learns the error of his ways"... While being a sexual object for the women in this movie and in the cinemas

    Edit: Could downgrade it to "Misguided, Uninformed, white CiS Male who learns the error of this ways"

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    I'm blown away by the number of people categorically concluding this movie is crap without having seen it

      If you're a Ghostbusters fan you will instantly pick up ques about the characters, and style of humour that are nothing like the original, which is what made them so great. So to a fan of the originals, this is not Ghostbusters.

        You're essentially saying that anyone who loved the old movies will necessarily not like the new one. It might be your choice to judge the entirety of the movie based on 2-3mins of footage, but it's not mine. For what it's worth I'm not at all confident it will be any good, but you know, don't judge a book by it's cover and all that...and please don't assume I'm not a massive fan of the originals just because I haven't prejudged the new movie.

          Omega_man is 100% correct. It's going to be a shit movie.
          Possibly one of the biggest flops of 2016, maybe even 2017 since it will suck that hard.

            hahaha, did you even read what I wrote?
            In any event, an opinion can't be right or wrong dude. They are, by definition, entirely subjective. I think what you meant to say was 'I agree 100% with Omega_man's opinion'

      Trailers these days typically show the best a movie has to offer. Shit most of them give away major plot twists. If this is the best ghostbusters has to offer - yer it's going to be terrible.

    Still doesn't look good.

    The Winston 'replacement' in particular is just NOT funny across either trailer.

    Meh, still doesn't grab me, although I notice the negative votes still outweigh positive votes but im guessing people are just doing this out of spilt.

    Ok we get it Kotaku you are progressive, and you are probably way to invested in defending this movie to back out now but jeez, can we give it a rest with flogging the new Ghostbusters. A lot of people thinks it's terrible, a few more are deluding themselves it's good and a mere fraction actually like it.

    Sweet, thanks for this. Downvoted this trailer like the other one :)

    did sony pay you to write this serrels lol

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