One Precious Minute Of Pokemon Go Footage

It's offscreen, the camera is shaky, but I know you want to watch this. I know you want to see.

Dear friends, here is one minute of Pokemon Go footage.

It looks interesting. Also — it's Pokemon in your backyard so... only your childhood dreams come true.

Let the wild speculation from this super short video BEGIN!


    "Ann-Margret! That 30 year old man is standing in our lawn again!"

    "What's he doing?"

    "I don't know, he's shouting at his phone... And now he's cheering"

    "Should we call the police?"

    "Yeah, hand me the pho--oh! He's now run off into the nearby construction site!"

    (Off In The Distance)
    "Alright! I caught a Gurdurr!"

    It's showing off the catching mechanics. Looks like a very early Alpha. I guess I'll keep waiting, at this rate it looks like it'll be complete in 2020

      It's the problem with AR in general. If the background that the AR image is based on get disoriented or moved the AR image will flicker and sometimes it will bounce around screen.

    I know this is still in early development stages but if there is no battle feature in this app, no weakening of the pokemon, no battling friends then they're wasting their time. if it's just an over the top Safari Zone I'm going to be so disappointed.

    Looks like you pay a nice price to get the better "balls". I wonder if they give you an alternative of collecting different pokeballs

    wasted master ball right there.

    I want to know how packed the world is going to be. Whether it's going to be worth it for those living in rural or even outter suburbs of cities

      Given it is being developed by Niantic, I wouldn't be surprised if they're drawing from Ingress's portal map for this game. So if you can find Ingress portals near where you live, there will probably be stuff for you to do in this game.

      Ingress also had the ability for users to submit new portal locations (which was eventually disabled when they couldn't keep up with the submissions), so perhaps they'll do something similar here.

        The map has been cross referenced and indeed does use some portal locations.

    this game would probably get me to turn into an outdoors person.

    I predict 99c (USD) per pokeball and about $19.99 USD per masterball
    Everyone needs to stop the hype, this is going to be a shameless money grab

      Lol. Considering all 3 companies involved have never done anything like that, where are you getting these ideas from?

      Look at ingress. Been running for over 3 years for completely free. There's actors, a weekly YouTube show produced, events dotting the globe and millions of portals spanning every country and continent. Not to mention the back end infrastructure keeping it all running.

        There are microtransactions in Ingress now, but it is all for add-ons rather than gating off features that used to be free. You can buy extra key storage, or set up a time limited "meetup beacon" on a portal.


          Nintendo has also been extremely generous this generation. Splatoon has had lots of support free, new maps, weapons etc. MK8 had amazingly priced DLC. I haven't played any of the recent Pokémon games but haven't heard anything greedy there either.

    Now if they made this work with the Samsung VR headset I think I would venture out into the light of day for once

    Kindof disapointed at the lack of battle elements here

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