Over 250,000 People Have Pirated A Leaked Copy Of The Force Awakens

Over 250,000 People Have Pirated A Leaked Copy Of The Force Awakens

If you were wondering why you've suddenly started seeing lots of very high quality Force Awakens gifs over the last day or so, you've got your answer. As TorrentFreak report, the REPLiCA pirate group have gotten hold of a Force Awakens Blu-Ray a few weeks early and uploaded HD versions of the film on torrent sites.

Being the film that it is, and with camcorder versions of the movie — uploaded shortly after Force Awakens' cinema release — being so terrible, to say there's been interest in these rips is an understatement.

TorrentFreak say that already over 250,000 people have already downloaded a copy of the film. Do the maths and that tally will be in the millions by the end of the week.

Big numbers, yes, though not unexpected. What I found more interesting about this is that the scene has new self-policing rules which state that uploaders need to provide proof that they have got a legit copy of the film, by posting an image of the disc. So this had to accompany the release.

Over 250,000 People Have Pirated A Leaked Copy Of The Force Awakens

How very pirate-like, for software pirates to have an actual pirate code.

Those not devoted to a life of crime on the high seas should note that the actual, legit versions of the film hit Blu-Ray on April 13, which really, isn't that far away.


    I wonder if I should still commit and make a commentary review on the movie pointing out the problems I had.

      I would watch it.

        But I don't know how to record movies.

          I THINK you go to the movies, face away from the screen and press the little movie camera icon on your phone instead of the usual selfie one and giggle.

          Once you have the source video just chop it up in adobe premier/sony vegas/your preferred video chopperuperer and add a voice over track.

      Just wait for the Harry S. Plinkett review. It'll probably cover everything you thought of and more.

        Red letter media? Hilarious!

        I watched the Phantom Menace one yesterday, it was brutal. Also correct.

        Not too sure. They got an early look and they said it was pretty good.

    Watched this at the theaters, had some annoyingly fat loud lady talking throughout giving everyone an update on what is happening and what she things will happen next, also update on the relationship of the characters she thinks exist.

    I NEVER have a good theater experience to be honest so I think I will just give it up and wait for the bluray in the future...

      Not to mention its cheaper too! (not pirating paying for the bluray for the family)

      I don't usually have terrible experiences seeing movies in cinemas, but at best I have an ok experience. I saw Superman V Batman in Gold Class today. Nothing bad or worth complaining about happened. I would have liked a seat that wasn't so far left of the screen but I didn't actually care about that. Yet as far as sitting down and watching a movie goes I had a better viewing experience watching Man of Steel on Netflix.
      Likewise Episode VII wasn't a bad experience, but seeing it in a theatre certainly didn't add anything to it. I don't really gain anything seeing a movie in a theatre even though every time I go in I'm risking ending up with a nightmare audience like I had with Lord of the Rings or Iron Man.

      I'm not going to go out and start pirating movies but I'm totally over seeing things in theatres. I'd love to have a way to legitimately watch the mvoie at home without waiting 3 months.

        Should just go online to book your seats, I always book near the aisle from centre stack as I hate walking over people and I can also choose seats near the rear. Typically have a above-average experience in VMax.

      Not sure what her weight has to do with it.

      Last edited 25/03/16 4:28 am

    given our archaic laws, isn't it technically illegal for us to even rip our own DVD?

      Actually Aus. laws have mostly been quite permissive, ensuring that we have the right to back up, lend, and sell media that we purchase. Even modifying consoles was specifically allowed.

      Some of this has changed thanks to the trade agreement with the US, but it was because of their stupid laws, not ours.

    "legit versions of the film hit Blu-Ray on April 13, which really, isn’t that far far away."

    Fixed it for you.

    Is there any reason to post this 'news' other than to encourage people to head to the torrent website mentioned?

      TorrentFreak is not a torrenting website. It's a news website about the world of torrents, scene releases, and legal battles the Pirates face. They host no illegal files or anything of that ilk there

    This is not the rip you're looking for.

    If it saves me the time and effort of ripping a backup video off my own disc in a few weeks time, I have no issue in grabbing it this way.

    if 250000 people have downloaded, wait and see how many will purchase it. I'd imagine quite a large percentage! Disney should see this as a great start to the ad campaign!

    And they still made billions and billions of dollars.

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