Overwatch Might Be Coming Sooner Than You Expected

It's probably not the kind of Monday someone was expecting to have, but as a result we've now got a little more Overwatch information than we expected.

That information, which Blizzard is yet to confirm, is that Overwatch will be released on May 24 in at least the United States.

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The dates were supposedly published on IGN's desktop and mobile websites from what at this stage appears to be human or technical error. The smaller version of the ad also suggests that early access will begin from May 3, provided you pre-order. You only have until April 29 to pre-order for early access, however.

This is all contingent on this data being accurate, although it seems highly unlikely that the information in a full-page advertisement — which Blizzard would have approved — is wrong. Provided the dates hold up, it means that Overwatch is launching a little earlier than what was anticipated.

Blizzard had previously said that the game would be made available on or before June 21. This new date is around 5 weeks before that time, although there is nothing stopping the developers from announcing a last minute delay — as has happened with other games, like Uncharted 4 recently.

Again, I've reached out to Blizzard for confirmation and the official Overwatch Twitter is yet to respond to the images floating around online. If and when that arrives, I'll keep you updated. Otherwise, however, what are your thoughts on the suggested date?


    I was interested in Overwatch until I saw the $89.95 Australian price tag.

      That's for the Origins edition (the digital deluxe edition, basically). The base game is AUD$70, which is pretty reasonable considering the exchange rate at the moment.

        Still sounds like a lot. I mean it's competing with TF2 right?

          I haven't played it myself but by all accounts it plays fairly differently to TF2, a lot of people liken the way the characters play more to the MOBA style. It's not really a rock-paper-scissors arrangement of classes like TF2 has. It's probably worth noting that TF2 wasn't free when it launched, aside from the Orange Box version I think the standalone game was $50 at launch, then dropped to $20 and then free.

            Team based FPS with multiple very different characters, a colourful art style and random cosmetic drops. Sounds like TF2 to me.

              You just described the genre, not an individual title; almost every team-based shooter today fits at least three of the four things you mentioned. Your description also fits Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, or swap 'first person' with 'third person' and it describes Smite. Neither of which play anything like TF2.

              Other common features of the genre include a core progression system, something TF2 doesn't have that many titles do (including both the games I mentioned above, plus Overwatch).

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        That is not reasonable the $39.99USD>AUD is $54~ AUD not the $70 they are asking for that is a bit of a price difference

          The price point here relative to other games in the genre is quite reasonable. The difference between US and AU prices is regional price discrimination, a separate topic entirely.

    Confirmed now =D

    After playing the beta I don't see the point of forking over $70 for a TF2 clone with extra classes/characters that will need constant balancing. First Blizzard game I'll be skipping.

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