Paradox Interactive Will Try To List On The Stock Market This Year

Paradox Interactive Will Try To List On The Stock Market This Year

They’re pretty much the go-to studio when it comes to grand strategy games. Hell, they might even become the go-to studio for grand strategy/4X hybrids once Stellaris launches later this year. God knows that’ll be interesting.

But in the meantime let’s talk business. Because that’s what Paradox Interactive wants to do. They’re thinking big. Stock market big.

The announcement came from the company’s CEO and president Fredrik Wester, who tweeted out the news in English along with a link to a Swedish news article.

The company’s major owners currently are Wester, who owns more than 39 percent of Paradox, financier Peter Lindell and Spiltan, a Stockholm-based investment firm. According to a rough translation of the news article, Paradox’s owners and employees will have priority. Institutional investors will be able to participate too, although the details for the initial public offering are still being worked out.

Paradox will release more information in the coming weeks, including the all-important info as to what exchanges the company is listing on. He added that the owners have “no intention to give up control of the company”. The IPO would also have “very little” impact on Paradox Development Studio, the in-house developers responsible for Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings series, and the same team currently working on Stellaris which is due out later this year.


    • Pfft, have you seen how much dlc for Crusader Kings 2 there is? They’re almost there already.

      And I wouldn’t have it any other way ILY Paradox

  • I’m not really that great at business, especially in other countries but I’m wondering how this is a feasible thing. Unless they have a thriving mobile market or a massive publishing industry then I’m not seeing the return on investment that stock holders would be looking for. But as I said, I don’t really know business so I’m guessing someone who does has seen something worth listing the company publicly over. Perhaps they’re hoping Vivendi will start making glances their way like they’ve been doing with Ubisoft?

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