Paradox Is Letting A 10-Year-Old Turn Magicka Into A Card Game

Paradox Is Letting A 10-Year-Old Turn Magicka Into A Card Game

I present: 2016’s cutest pitch video, cutest developer, and maybe even the best thing that could happen to the Magicka franchise.

This is Ethan Erickson. He’s a 10-year-old kid from Orange County, California — and if the internet stays true to form, he’s about to get credit for being a lead designer.

With the help of his dad, Ken Erickson, the fourth grader made a video and sent it into Paradox to see if they would be interested in spinning off the series into a card game.

It’s pretty easy to see why they accepted.

Look at the script Ethan wrote for the video. This kid is so cute he might actually reverse my automatic position of disliking all human beings under the age of 21.

Magicka Mayhem has already surpassed its funding goal, but then the game only had a measly target of US$2500. The concept is pretty straightforward too. You draw element cards and then combine them — like in Magicka — to cast a spell. But after every spell, your target draws a Mayhem card that could either render the spell utterly useless, enhance its power, or do something else entirely.

If you’re intrigued, or want to see what handwritten design documents from a 10-year-old look like, head on over to the Kickstarter page. The cheapest tier that comes with the game will set you back US$15, plus US$12 for international shipping.

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  • More kids need to be given the chance to see their ideas become reality like this. One question though, is that kid a vampire?

  • I can’t seem to connect to Kickstarter right now. Is this at all similar to Epic Spell Wars?

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