People Sure Like Asking If E3 Is Still Relevant

People Sure Like Asking If E3 Is Still Relevant

In the wake of news that game publishers EA and Activision will have reduced presences at this year's E3 — both will show off their games at various press conferences, but neither will have booths — analysts and Hot Takers across the web have been asking a simple question: Is E3 still relevant? This semi-backlash led Rich Taylor, a senior vice president at the E3-organising Entertainment Software Association, to defend their showcase to MCV in an article published this morning.

"The 'is E3 still relevant?' question gets asked every year, and then gets answered in June of that same year with a resounding 'yes'," Taylor said.

Is he right? Well...

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We look forward to this year's round of questions about E3's relevance. We also look forward to E3.

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    12 March 2016 - asking the same thing (add that to your list lol)

    In each link you posted, at the time they have had credible information to suggest a reduced interest and then later confirmed come the event.

    Me personally, I have noticed less advertisement than years back but the event isnt in Aus so i really dont take too much notice of it regardless

    E3 is still one of the I look most forward too each year. I couldn't really care less about EA or Activision in general since all they will show in the show is battlefield and call of duty which will be present in the Microsoft and Sony show.

    The e3 surprises are still excellent, sneak peak bull shot of a game in development looks fantastic. Not to mention Sony will be pushing VR titles in this e3 and Nintendo will be announcing with NX via nintendo Direct during the e3 week.

    Lots of surprises this year and looking forward it.

    I remain consistently pessimistic every E3. My expectations are usually met.

    I love e3 even though I usually end up slightly disappointed. Still get excited checking out all the new goodies.

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