Please Don't Eat This One Piece 'Fruit'

Please Don't Eat This One Piece 'Fruit'

In One Piece, Luffy eats the terrible-tasting Gomu Gomu no Mi, which makes his body all elastic. Since this replica is made of synthetic plastic and rubber, it probably tastes terrible, too, but won't make your body all stretchy. It will make you sick! Instead of eating it, you are supposed to display it (or maybe, cosplay with it, or hell, you can just stare it if you like).

This is a 1/1 scale reproduction of the iconic One Piece devil fruit. Famitsu reports that it's priced at 3780 yen ($44) and that pre-orders kick off on March 18 for a July release in Japan.

There was a Gomu Gomu no Mi cake that you could eat, but that would not have made your body rubbery or put you in the hospital.

Top image: Bandai via Famitsu


    Wait the replica fruit from a cartoon isn't edible? Fuck. *cancels preorders*

    Thanks for the hot tip Bashcraft.

    And all this time I was under the impression Luffy "took a bite of gum gum".
    Thanks, 4kids!

      All this time I thought Luffy was Gohan... (same voice actor)

      Last edited 21/03/16 12:09 pm

    And you can't swim after eating... ever, not just an hour.

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