Pokémon Designer Killed In Freak Accident

Pokémon Designer Killed In Freak Accident

Veteran Pokémon artist and designer Eric Medalle died Sunday in Seattle when a massive tree collapsed onto his car. He was 42. As reported by KING 5 News in Seattle, Medalle had been driving with one of his two daughters near a park called Lost Lake Trail. A significant windstorm knocked over several trees in the area, including the one that hit Medalle's car. A bystander rescued Medalle's daughter from the wreckage, and she was sent to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Medalle had worked for The Pokémon Company since 2003 as an artist and designer on various games in the popular monster-collecting series.

Photo of Eric Medalle via Nintendo Everything


    I'm surprised there isn't an article on Akira Tago aswell

    Really surprised at the insensitivity in the comments for this article. Two daughters are going to grow up without a father. Perhaps I expected too much from what I usually thought was a relatively mature community.

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