Potato-Chip Flavored Cola Sounds Disgusting

Potato-Chip Flavored Cola Sounds Disgusting

This is a real product. It's in Japan. And it sounds nasty. Last year, game maker Namco teamed up with a Japanese potato chip company to make cola-flavoured potato chips. That seemed kind of icky, yet still edible. But this?

Potato-Chip Flavored Cola Sounds Disgusting

According to Game Impress Watch and Famitsu, the snack-flavoured beverage tastes like potato chips that have had cola poured over them.

Shizuoka-based Kimura Drink, the folks behind eel-flavoured cola (goodness), developed the soft drink for Namco.

Potato-Chip Flavored Cola Sounds Disgusting

[Photo: Famitsu]

The potato-chip cola will be available as an arcade game prize in Japan starting this Friday for a limited time only. It's not available in stores, because really, who would buy this?

OK. Fine. I might. Just once.

Top image: Namco



    On the other side of things, if you have a Burrito Bar near you? Try the Mexican Cola they stock, very fruity, very sweet, very delicious.

    I lived in Japan for a long time and I didn't really notice all these thing, so maybe they're becoming more prevalent as companies chase a few yen in hard economic times. I don't know. But I am glad that, in response to articles such as this, the amount of stereotyping, dismissive, and otherwise negative commentary about Japan has become much less than it used to be. Perhaps it's because the Internet has shown us that every society, particularly our own, is full of quirky, strange, and batshit crazy things. It's very hard to point the finger and scoff at others when you realise that they might be doing the same but at things from your culture which you consider perfectly normal. And it doesn't help that most of the "so weird Japan" artifacts talked about in the English blogosphere are joke and novelty products, artworks, satire and just otherwise fringe elements.

    And maybe people are beginning to appreciate that Japanese people are also in on the joke. They don't love eel flavoured cola. They think it's absolutely crazy too and that's many prople will want try it and the company gets exposure and money; it's a huge population of inquisitive and willing people.

    Anyway, there is one thing that Japanese people don't generally do is take things or themselves too seriously, and if people want to do unusual things, society usually let's them. And rather than snark, scoff and isolate, people seem to enjoy the simple fact that such people and things exist. Look at all those panel shows that thrive on the eccentric and unexpected. Live life to be happy and don't take things too seriously.

    Anyway, just a comment that I'm now much more confident that I can read these kinds of articles and their feedback and not have to guard myself against ignorant, close minded and even racist statements. Yay progress! :D

    Oddly enough, I do find the opposite idea of cola flavoured potato chips enticing...

    Potato chip cola, ew, but if they combined some kind of corn chip with a citrus flavoured soda, that'd be great.

    Id buy one just to try with my parnter. Always keen for a taste challenge. Wonder if one will pop up on Ebay?

    Nope, the internet is just used to Japanese batshittery. It's become mundane, thus less surprising.

    Where as once the internet reacted with "Holy shit! Look at this xyz that Japan's done!", it's now more of a case of "Japan's being weird again. Cool."

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