Quantum Break's Live Action Trailer Is A Sign Of Things To Come

Quantum Break is a game we've all sort of forgotten about, but it's coming out. Like next week.

I have to say, I'm still intrigued. And this live action trailer, which does a great job of integrating live action with in-game assets, has piqued my interests.

I'm still a little confused as to how Quantum Break will work, and how it will play, but I'm curious enough to want to figure it all out.

If I had one concern it's the production values of the live action footage. It feels just a little step below what it should be compared to some of the amazing science fiction we're watching on Netflix. I feel as though that might hurt Quantum Break. It's got to be all or nothing with this kind of thing.

Either way, I remain interested.


    Hey I loved loved loved the Alan Wake game and everything that was rolled up wet and thrown at the wall to see what stuck and even some of what did not, so I am prepared to look at Quantum Break with an open mind.

    That said, there's shades of the usual 'big game with big backing' smoke and mirrors that we as a potential audience have been either told to ignore, not trust, or outright dismiss altogether. IGN's "partnered" wiith them for the marketing and that's just the way things are these days.

    I want this to succeed, but after being taken in like I was with other such hype elephants like (I'm trademarking that) Bioshock Infinite and Aliens Colonial Marines I'm also worried!

    Kind of amped for this game, very excited to see what its like.

    More excited for it being cross platform and that I can continue my xbox game from my PC :D

    I just hope it runs on my PC :( lol

    Essentially all I know about Quantum Break is that you can stop/slow/alter time, next to nothing beyond that.

    I'll be keeping it that way too, especially considering how much I enjoyed knowing virtually nothing about Alan Wake going into it.

      Han Solo kills Jack

      Last edited 30/03/16 6:52 pm

        If I knew who Jack was that'd be great.

        I can only assume he's the lead character in the game, so now if I pay attention when actually playing it I might find out. Time will tell.

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