Reminder: Pokémon Is Incredibly Popular In Japan 

Reminder: Pokémon Is Incredibly Popular in Japan

Don't ever forget this. In Japan, people really, really like Pokémon. So today, when the newest Pokémon Center opened in Kyoto, there were massive lines to get into the store. Yesterday, when I visited the shop to check out its limited goods, I kind of thought, hey, people will come tomorrow. Did they ever.

As pointed out on Hachima, here's how much of the day has turned out so far.

People starting getting in line before 5am this morning.

This was taken at just before 7am.

Two hours before the shop was to open at 10am, there were about 200 people in line.

A line was formed inside to get into the shop. This is before 10am, and the Twitter user compares the wait at Universal Studios Japan.

The sign says the wait is "zero minutes". The staff hadn't yet started tracking how long the wait was.

Keep in mind, this is for a single shop opening, and this is a weekday.

At 10:15am, the wait was around 210 minutes or 3.5 hours.

This is at 10:20am. Two hundred and seventy minutes.


And it's been so crowded that separate registers were set up outside of the Pokémon Center to process all the sales as quickly as possible.

At 11:44am, the official Pokémon Twitter account stated that the wait time was over six hours and added that the store would be open until 8pm. Meaning? Depending on how the line goes, some people who line up later in the day might not be able to get in to the shop.

That was peak Pokémon Center Kyoto fever. By 5pm Japan time, the wait time had cooled off to between 15 to 30 minutes. Good to know and never forget how popular Pokémon is in Japan. Never.

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    I thought everybody was posting articles about how Pokemon died to a game about ghosts and watches.

      Not the first game. The completely random Chance of catching yokai pissed me off. At least there is a proper way to catch Pokemon. Maybe the new version solved that problem but to me it's a deal breaker for monster collector like me.

      Youkai Watch is a much hotter property with elementary school kids the past couple of years (disclaimer: I teach at Japanese elementary schools). Pokemon has been a part of people's lives for years now so a lot of its fans have grown up, so if you go to the Pokemon Center you'll see gaggles of highschool girls looking at the toys, grown men (otaku) playing the 3DS game against teenagers etc. Whether Youkai Watch can have the shelf life of Pokemon is a wait and see game I guess.

        I'd say it won't. Pokemon has survived every other franchise trend that tried to kill it but eventually fails.

          But your talking about Western trends, and your personal opinion.

          Without any relevant data to back up anything as to how the brand is doing in the west (merch and game sale data) you cannot make a proper opinion. Also Nintendo don't want yokai to take down pokemon, they just want it to co exist.

          As far as in japan, mrwaffle is right as i have also noticed this in my last trip (this past to December/Jan) japan. The Yokai busters game was the only game being played by people i saw on 3DS.

          The whole game being completely based off of Japanese legends (pokemon did this also with ho-oh and other pokemon) is what ties it japan more than the west, so of course they would be more into the game as they understand these characters more.

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