Resident Evil Is Getting A Musical

Resident Evil Is Getting a Musical

Like singing? Dancing? Resident Evil? The survival horror series is getting an official stage version in Japan this spring. The musical, which is currently titled Musical Resident Evil (heh), will star Reon Yuzuki, who has made a career of playing male characters while at the all-female Takarazuka Revue.

Previously, Takarazuka Revue has done wonderful stage productions of Capcom's Ace Attorney games. While this production will feature a former Takarazuka Revue superstar, it's not a Takarazuka musical. Instead, it will be handled by G2, a playwright and director who is readying a new Japanese production of My Fair Lady, and Osaka's Umeda Arts Theatre.

The Resident Evil stage show will be an original musical. It is slated to run in Tokyo from September to October and open in Osaka in November. Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi will oversee the stage adaptation.

Top image: Capcom


    Shouldn't that be "musical biohazard"?

    Looking forward to such show stopping tunes as, "Barry is Investigating" and "Take this Thing"

      Featuring lines like "Jill sandwich!" and "You, the master of unlocking!"

    I expect singing, interpretive dancing, and a heartwarming solo from a zombie, groaning Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1981 "Memory"

    Barry: This blood, what is it?

    Jill (quietly) - This blood, This blood, This blood

    Barry: This blood, I hope that it isn't

    Jill (quietly) - This blood, This blood, This blood

    Barry- I hope that this isn't.....

    Jill and Barry - CHRIS' BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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