Oh gawd, we're having a Starwing vs Lylat Wars discussion now?

DanMazkin guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku first by saying Starwing, but technically it was Lylat Wars and Nexi said those precise words first.

Let's just call it a draw. Peace in our time.

Thanks to Lysander for sending it in.

Good luck with today's drawing. It's by ScribbleTaku regular Dong Tri Phan


    I'm secretly hoping this is the trophy stand trophy from Smash Bros. :)

      I'm pretty sure you are correct. Looks pretty good.

      Other wise I'm guessing Mario Coins/Sonic Rings from top down.

    Smash Bros (Brawl?) It looks like the trophy stand trophy.

      Heeey, great minds think alike buddy ;)

        This is what I get for double checking the name of the trophy :P

          haha so did i, but i didn't bother checking which game so you might get the win ;)

          ... or it could be something else entirely :s

    Are the lines part of it, or is it just on lined note paper?

    Sorry guys. But its Biker Mice from Mars

    I'll says its a Trophy from Super smash brothers with the smb Symbol

    Ninja turtles arcade game.

      That's what I thought.
      Or the first NES Ninja Turtles game. Or any Ninja Turtles game.

        More than likely we are both wrong but it just had that feel to me.

    My first guess has been taken, so I will assume you are trying to trick us and say its the CD trophy from smash brothers brawl.

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