Okay, I was gonna stop after day three, but this is too much fun. So, by popular demand, I'm going to keep this bad boy going until someone guesses it.

This is day four. No-one has guessed correctly yet.

I feel as though I may have tipped my hand here. I'd be very surprised if someone doesn't guess it now!

Here are the previous drawings:


    Ummm... pretty sure I already got this one, although I didn't post my answer until about 20 minutes before this got posted.

    Edit: It's Treasure Island Dizzy.

    Last edited 10/03/16 12:20 pm

      And your answer would be?

        Ah! Thank-you! I knew I recognised that stuff! I don't think I could have gone another day of torture.

        I lied, I've loved every second

      Pretty sure you did.

      Today's image:


      Day 1:

      Can't find day 2, but pretty sure you got it.

      Last edited 10/03/16 12:37 pm

      I believe you're right.

      DAY1: Coin in bottom right

      Day2: Jelly Fish rop right

      Day 3: Cage middle screen

      Day 4: Tombstone

      Can confirm. First image here

      3rd image here

    Super Castlevania 4?

    looks like the whip hook thing

    Ghost n Goblins?

      Yah, that was my first thought, but it looks like it is Dizzy.

    I was about to say Altered Beast but it looks like Crotchy is right. Looks like Treasure Island Dizzy to me. How the heck could anyone get that one?

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