Okay, what the hell. I was so sure I was gonna stump everyone yesterday. But nope.

Congrats to my ol' buddy Puppylicks who somehow managed to correctly guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was King of Fighters, AKA Fatal Fury. Nice job man.

Good luck with today's drawing. I reckon it's THE BEST SCRIBBLE I'VE EVER DONE.


    Joe and Mac, Cavemen Ninja?


      Also (goldstar) @markserrels for a very artistic scribble.

        Damn right! Think that's the best scribble I've seen @markserrels do to date! Well done Sire! Also, King of Fighters isn't really AKA Fatal Fury. It's just a game that has characters from a lot of different SNK fighting games like Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting etc.

        Last edited 17/03/16 12:59 pm

      Dammit, you beat me to it! One of my all time fav games too :)

      "Who can have girl's kiss reward? Fight, Caveman Ninja!!"

      The English language. Nemesis of Japanese game developers.

      Last edited 17/03/16 7:45 pm

    That Goodies episode where thet get stuck in the dinosaur.

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