Goddammit. First post? The first post? Give me a goddamn break. Well done Casual Prolix, yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Joe and Mac on the SNES.

I also want to thank everyone who noticed how good my drawing was. THANKS!

Good luck with today everyone!



      Yeah this one was a little obvious - but which Kirby? I'm gonna go with... Dreamland?

      Nice sketch though

        Yeah, I'm having trouble finding the exact sprite in question.

          Kibble blade

            So its Kirbys Return to Dreamland, rather than Kirby Dreamland.

            You know he gets you on technicalities like that.

            Last edited 18/03/16 1:20 pm

              And Mark, no break for you. You got it last week with that 4 day run.

            Could be, but I'm not convinced. The slits on the faceplate are positioned differently.

              yeah it was the closest I could find in my quick break, it definitely looks like an enemy that gives you the cutter ability (where you throw a boomerangish thing), and im pretty sure there is a less detailed non boss mob that is exactly the same.

      Nah, don't think it is Meta Knight.

        Nor do I, any more. First instinct. I'm guessing Mark was counting on that.

          Reminds me more of the Ghouls and Ghosts/Ghosts and Goblins kind of guy, except cuter.

          Last edited 18/03/16 12:30 pm

    I'm going to go Kirby's ghost trap (or avalanche) or Kirby's Dream Course

    Definitely looks like some kind of Kirby enemy.

    First thing I thought of was Bombeman on the N64.

    I think there was a knight armor you could collect.

      Exactly what I thought, was going to post that but you beat me too it.

      Oh yeah, it does look like the Bomberman armour, which also reminds me of Knight Squad.

    But to go with something different

    knight squad

    I was thinking Shovel Knight TBH

    Ghouls and ghosts on the NES!

    Either that or Zelda 2, I reckon

    I'm getting a Dynamite Headdy vibe, or maybe Sparkster. Mega Drive platformers, yo!

      In fact;

        Well that broke. But hah! Gotcha, Mark!

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