Damn, I was so close to having fooled you all.

Then, the final comment: "Gotch Mark".


Congratulations to Vapor, Friday's ScribbleTaku was indeed Dynamite Headdy! Well done!

Good luck with today's effort. It's another Dong Tri Phan joint!


    one of the warioware games id think.

    Bird Call Simulator 2007

    Is it one of those weird Naruto/DBZ hand signal things they do?

      It's nothing from DBZ I can tell you that much. Might be one of the hand sealS from Naruto though

    I dunno. Maybe its just all the Naruto I've been reading lately but one of the Naruto Ninja Storm games?

    Priest hands from Age of Empires 2?
    Which was just a reason for me to go.......

    Last edited 21/03/16 12:53 pm

    Is it that game you play when you're kids where you try to knock the fingers apart?

    Thats gotta be Nox for sure.

      I miss that game and its sense of humour. Where would that be from though? A cut scene?

        Yes its a great game! If i remember correctly when you cast spells the character says some words (similar to Skyrim shouts) and little hand gestures appear around you. I could be totally wrong its been a long time since I last played :P

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Something Something

    Makes me think of Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, although her prayer was more like throwing horns...

      currently playing through that game again and nope, it ain't vanille's hand gesture thing, was what I first thought too

    Irvine from FF8? Or maybe Zell.

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