Damn, I knew I was onto a winner with this one.

On to day three of the current ScribbleTaku. I'm drunk with power. None of y'all can take me down.

Here are the last two for reference.

Good luck!


    Gods, on the Amiga. Can't believe I didn't get it from the 2nd pic, I loved that game.

      That second image has been bugging me for days now, it looks really familiar, but I never would've guessed Gods, as I've never heard of that game.

      Well spotted to you Sir :) I knew I'd seen this before!

      Man. I don't know how I missed this one. I played so much of Gods back in the day.

      I'm going to get the theme music stuck in my head again now.

      Into... the wonderful.

    Damn. I totally knew this and was trying to post the answer since about 12:17.

    Was anyone else having problems posting?

      Yep, jumped on early today because the last pic had been bugging me, but couldn't post anything.

        Yeah, Seems the Allure system comment submit was broken. Tried commenting on LifeHacker earlier as well as something here and both threw errors

      Yeah, couldn't comment anywhere.

      Mark must've been cheating :P

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