Smuggler Caught With 9000 Memory Cards Taped To His Legs

Smuggler Caught with 9,000 Memory Cards Taped To His Legs

That's a lot of memory cards. According to South China Morning Post (via That's), the man was trying to enter Shenzhen, China from Hong Kong when he was caught with over 9000 memory cards. CCTV reports that the border officials claim the suspect even tried to bribe them after he was caught red-handed, er red-legged, whatever.

The memory cards are worth HK$118,000 ($20,362), and as SCMP points out, goods sold in Hong Kong are cheaper than in mainland China.

Smuggler Caught with 9,000 Memory Cards Taped To His Legs

[Image: CCTV]

Hours earlier, an elderly woman was also caught with over ten thousand memory cards strapped to her waist, SCMP reports. These two officials, I guess, counted them all.

Top image via CCTV.


    If those are Vita memory cards then that's probably the most expensive smuggling operation ever undertook.

      Should you have used "undertaken"? I don't know, I've had a few reds.

    They will both be executed, memory card smuggling kills babies... Oh wait that.. nevermind.

    I had something witty to add but then I drank half a bottle of scotch. So... Woozle wuzzle.

    What a massive hassle. Why not just buy a few hard drives?

      Its due to demand, he would have bought the cards cheap in HK and then brought them over to the mainland to sell.

      Also if you think about it, lets say they are 16GB cards x 9000 is 144TB

      He would have to carry 36 4TB hard drives to carry the same amount of storage. That would still look pretty suspicious especially if he tried to tape those to his legs!


          If your joke was funny it mightn't have gone over his head.

    1. It was actually an infection control issue, the cards carried viruses.

    2. She was illegally importing the contents of the internet.

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