Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Is Now On Steam

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Is Now On Steam

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64 was the first game that made me feel like I was really soaring through a Star Wars movie, my X-Wing buoyed by glorious trumpets and gentle flecks of Bantha poodoo. Now it's on Steam. The arcade-y flight game, originally released on Nintendo 64 and PC back in 1998, is now on Steam with "partial controller support", which means Xbox controllers are functional enough after some setup. The port is passable, though it sounds like some people have been having start-up issues and some framerate choppiness. Also, YOU CANNOT ALT-TAB BURN IT ALL DOWN I mean that's a slight downside.

It's $US9.99 ($13), if you're interested. Now then, what are your favourite Rogue Squadron moments? Share with me your treasured memories.


    Steam is a horrible platform to purchase old games on.

    Love this game, few flying games have felt that fun ever since. Millenium Falcon cheat code ftw!

    I loved this game as a kid. Wish I never sold my 64. And the "secret" AT-ST level was great - stomping around shooting Rebel scum with the Imperial March playing. Good times.

    If someone could get the GameCube sequels onto Steam that would be awesome

    I liked Rogue Squadron, but tell me when Rogue Leader comes out on PC and I will be ecstatic.

      That's what Dolphin is for, right?

        You know, I honestly forgot about that option...

        Regardless, if they did a proper release of Rogue Leader I'd want to know.

    lol. I only fired this game up on my old N64 to show it to the young one on Monday. Still awesome.

    My best friend and I played so many hours of this back in the day. We'd compete to see who could complete missions faster, best accuracy, most enemies killed etc etc. So much fun

    $13 for a game this old!? must be $10 nostalgia tax. I have fond memories of this on i think was my first PC! Surely the next time a star wars bundle is on this will be in it?

    Anyone else ever achieve the top rank, Supreme Allied Commander on this? I remember my brother and I working on that one for ages.

    I saw that this morning! I am glad that Steam has it, slightly annoyed it wasn't released earlier to go with the Humble bundle meaning the only games i'm missing are:

    Rogue Squadron
    Rebel Assault 1+2 (also released on Steam)

      Rebel Assault 2 is on steam? :-O

      I played that so much as a kid... Never got play the original.

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