Stardew Valley, As Told By Steam Reviews

Stardew Valley, As Told By Steam Reviews

Humble farming simulator Stardew Valley is taking Steam by storm right now, and when you consider the charm, depth and number of cuties you can smooch within the game, it’s no surprise why.

Seriously: I’ve spent 28 hours in the game already, and I’ve only had it for like four days. I have to force myself to stop playing, lest I become too caught up in the “just one more day” trap. There’s always something more to do, be it tending to your crops, fishing, chatting villagers up or diving deeper into the mines to find loot and kill monsters. (Despite all the comparisons to Harvest Moon, you can actually do way more than just farm. It reminds me a lot of Starbound in terms of its crafting, combat and exploration, actually.)

Better yet, the town itself seems to be full of mystery, too. This far in, I still haven’t unlocked all the areas on the map yet, nor have I come anywhere close to seeing all there is to see. I’m obsessed.

The rest of Steam is too. Right now, Stardew Valley is sitting on an “overwhelmingly positive” user review score. Users aren’t just citing the gameplay here, though. They’re also pretty impressed that a game as massive as Stardew Valley could have been made by a single person, developer ConcernedApe.

Honestly, people seem to have nothing but good things to say about the game, as you can see below:

Bonus: the GOG reviews are pretty positive, too. Here’s a taste:

You can check out more Steam reviews for Stardew Valley here, or read our ongoing “As Told By Steam Reviews” feature here.


  • Don’t call it a ripoff

    We probably shouldn’t call it a ripoff.

    Ripoff: noun
    “an inferior imitation of something”

    Inferior? I’d like to see that put to a vote.

    To me, Stardew Valley is like… If Harvest Moon came to PC, and modders came along and made it better.

    As it stands now, I don’t think the official Harvest Moon people listen to their customers, simply because they’ve made great games like Friends Of Mineral Town YEARS ago, full of great features, and then removed them when the next game came around. Then they’d put in new features, like all new 3D, but then remove old features like horse racing, or particular festivals. Each and every Harvest Moon isn’t perfect because nobody has bothered to sit down and nitpick the best features to cram together.

    In the end, I feel that Stardew Valley was made by a person who wanted to play his dream Harvest Moon game, and didn’t care about sales numbers, innovations for the sake of being new, or adding new features like voxel-ness. They just wanted to have fun.

  • Well, thanks for the wall of jpegs, but I’ve already seen exactly the same thing on Steam at 1% of the bandwidth. But sure, no worries, why not turn a 241 word tweet into a full length article?

    • Some of us are at work, and need Kotaku to act as our “Steam Review Proxy And Filter Service”.
      Don’t be hating on the jpeg spam. 🙁

  • “I’m so addicted to this game I don’t want to get up and do household chores”.


    To do household chores.


  • Was mildly interested in the game. Figured I’d wait a while before getting it.

    Read these reviews. Excited me so much I went and bought it immediately.

    11/10 – Would read these reviews again.

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